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  • BruntWorld Cup 2018


    Amspec Athletic!

    Amspec spent the afternoon at Bruntwood's 5 aside Charity event  supporting nominated organisations such as The Factory Youth Zone.

  • NORFOX Charity Summer Party


    Amazing evening supporting Norfox Charity Summer Party held at Bruntwood's Neo Building. Thank you Fiona Lewis and all the committee Trustees for allowing Amspec to sponsor such a great cause and dig out our Hawaiian Shirts! #Limbochallenge

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    Clipper Round the World Yacht Race ...


    North Pacific Challenge - Sailing 5500 miles across the North Pacific for Unicef UK

    Hi All,

    Sometimes you just have to take yourself out of your ‘comfort zone’ to find out about yourself….

    The Clipper race is one of the world’s toughest endurance challenges and Leg 6 across the Pacific Ocean is probably the toughest part of the race.

    Tomorrow I head out to China to join team NASDAQ as part of the race crew to sail across the North Pacific from China to America.

    You can follow the race on the Clipper website there is a Race viewer section where you can follow the race in real-time– Leg 6 Starts 23rd March 2018 12 noon

    Why am I doing this crazy race ….! ….well for a lot of personal reasons which I hope will make me a better person/friend/boss/supplier/customer/team member…

    But it would be a shame to waste the personal effort without contributing to a BIGGER cause. As part of a combined effort the crews are attempting to raise £400,000 for UNICEF. This is a huge amount and any donation however small will go straight to UNICEF

    I hope you feel able to support this worthwhile cause

    Many Thanks


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    How to make your office more sustainable in 2016


    With the increasing threat of global warming and a scarcity of natural materials, business owners in all industries are under growing pressure to ensure their company is more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Though the rising demand for green business practices and ethics is much deeper than merely helping businesses have a cleaner greener conscience.

    According to research from the Natural Marketing Institute (NMI), if consumers know that a company is mindful of the impact it has on the environment and society they are 58% more likely to buy the company’s products and services.

    Consequently more and more businesses are looking for ways to reap the many gains and rewards of being eco-friendly, and none more so than the design of their office.

    If you are determined to jump on-board a greener bandwagon next year, take a look at the following ways you can make your office more sustainable in 2016 and how a sustainable approach to your office build and design project is likely to bring positive benefits to your business and its people.

    Reduce toxic emissions

    One direct way to help lessen the amount of nasty carbon emissions your business stands guilty of pumping into the air, is to encourage employees to travel to work by methods that are kinder to the environment.

    One way to do this would be to have a bike shed installed on your business premises, alongside some shower cubicles and a changing area.
    For example, testament to our drive to deliver sustainable office design UK businesses can benefit from, is our recent work on Liverpool’s Cotton Exchange in the city’s commercial district. The project involved adding a bike shed and shower block so that it naturally sat within the fabric of the Grade II listed building.

    With a bike shed and shower block present in the building, its occupiers can benefit from the eco-friendly advantages and production-enhancing qualities cycling to work creates.


    There is no substitute for daylight pouring into an office. Not only has it proven to increase employee productivity but without having to rely on artificial lighting in the office, businesses can reduce their energy bills and carbon footprint.

    LED lighting

    If letting swathes of daylight bask into the office isn’t an option, businesses looking to go greener in 2016 may want to consider LED lighting.

    As we wrote in an earlier blog, due to its estimated energy efficiency of 80 – 90%, only a small amount of electrical energy is lost as heat through LED lighting, thus making it a much more energy efficient form of lighting. What’s more, these efficient types of bulbs have longer lifespans than traditional light bulbs meaning they do not have to be purchased and changed as frequently.

    Building Energy Management Systems

    In a quest to be greener, more and more companies are integrating energy management systems into office buildings. Such systems use innovative technology to monitor, automate and control systems within an office such as heating, ventilation, thermostats, air conditioning and lighting In order to, as Green Building Elements writes, “Increase building efficiency and improve comfort.”

    Such innovative systems assist modern businesses becoming more energy efficient, consequently cutting down on power bills and being kinder to the environment.

    Sustainable office furniture

    Another fairly simple way your office could become greener in 2016 would be to replace existing office furniture with more sustainable alternatives.

    Furniture that has been made from recycled and reclaimed materials relying on less use of virgin materials. Companies that use reclaimed office furniture are therefore opting to furnish their office with a low environmental footprint.

    Reclaimed office furniture can also look chic and trendy and provide your office with a stylish injection without jeopardising the health of our planet.

    By adopting a sustainable approach to office design, North West companies and businesses everywhere are likely to be seen in a much more positive light by both employees and colleagues.

    If your office isn’t yet environmentally-friendly, 2016 might be a good time to make the design of your office a more sustainable one.
    For quality office design Manchester, Liverpool and other North West companies can benefit from and to discuss how to make your office more sustainable in 2016, get in touch with the Amspec team.

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    Why workplace consultancy is a crucial element of office refurb and fit-out


    A comprehensive workspace consultancy is an important element of commercial refurbishments, fit-outs and office design. Taking the time to conduct a meticulous and solid consultancy of a workspace will ensure a commercial building fit-out and office interior design company is adequately prepared to carry out an office design project to the specific and individual requirements of the organisation.

    Amspec, specialists in office refurbishment in the North West, explores what a workplace consultancy involves and why it is a crucial element of office design, refurb and fit-outs.

    A workspace consultancy with a business involves the design and build company gathering as much information as possible that will help them craft a clear picture of the work involved, the design required, overall objectives, company progression, timeframes and budgets.

    Such information is gathered through various consultancy activities, including the design and fit out company conducting observation sessions, staff workshops, interviews, questionnaires and storage audits.

    With such information on-board, it can then be used to put a design and build plan into action. For example, here at Amspec, we pool the information collected through our meticulous workspace consultancy to create an occupation and space plan proposal. With a highly-detailed plan proposal in our possession, we are then in a position to begin the commercial fit-out or refurbishment project.

    When should a workspace consultancy be carried out?

    Ideally the consultancy should be conducted in the initial stages of a bespoke design project to ‘map out’ the aims and requirements prior to any work being done. However, a workspace consultancy can be carried out whichever stage a business is at in an office fit-out design project. For example, if a business is halfway through an office refurb and requires the project to be conducted in a more diligent and professional fashion, a quality workspace consultancy would be an invaluable way to gain a core understanding of the business’s office refurbishment goals and objectives.

    The benefits of a workspace consultancy

    Asides ensuring the whole office refurbishment or fit-out project is carried out as effectively as possible, a detailed workspace consultancy helps to maximise efficiency within a building. It can also make the project more cost-effective as it can reduce the costs associated with the design and building services.

    Another benefit of workspace consultancy is that it enables new and innovative ways of working to be uncovered and incorporated into the makeup of the design project.

    Perhaps most importantly, conducting a comprehensive workspace consultancy as part of an office refurbishment or fit-out project enables the delivery of building spaces that are capable of responding to challenges and the evolving needs of businesses.

    Agile property solutions

    During a time when both private and public sector office strategies are becoming more diverse and agile, and with a greater focus on building sustainable workspaces, conducting a workspace consultancy can be an effective part in assisting a business to align their working premises with core business strategies and producing agile property solutions.

    For an initial chat about workspace consultancy get in touch with Amspec, specialists in office fit-outs and office refurbishment, Manchester, Liverpool, Wigan and companies based throughout the North West and beyond can benefit from.

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    A healthy day at the office


    A happy, healthy workforce equates to a productive, buoyant business. And for a workforce to be happy, it needs to be content with its surroundings. An office environment is directly implicated to the wellbeing of the workforce which occupies it.

    Take a look at Amspec’s infographic, which demonstrates the importance of office design and how the design of a work space can have a direct impact on the health, happiness of productivity of employees, ultimately affecting the success of a business.

    Amspec Infographic V2

    If you require any of the design elements highlighted on our infographic installed into your office to help benefit your employees and business as a whole, get in touch with Amspec, specialists in office refurbishment and office fit outs in the North West. 

  • Amspec at play: Breakout Manchester


    Amspec prides itself on its strong team culture, whereby everyone works and pools together as a team to the benefit, not only to the staff morale of the company, but also to our clients.

    Devoted to keeping the team spirit alive and augmenting it even further, earlier this year Amspec took the whole company to Breakout Manchester, a fun and unique team-building experience in Manchester, designed to boggle the brain yet build bonds between colleagues.

    Amspec had a great time and it certainly was a rewarding and memorable experience…

    Breakout Manchester comprises of a series of five themed rooms that can accommodate approximately 25 people. The idea is to ‘breakout’ of the rooms by solving the puzzles by using numerical and literal skills. In order to successfully escape the rooms, the activities require teams to work together under pressure in a fun and challenging environment.

    The experience is also an effective form of ice-breaking and nurturing cross-departmental collaboration and bonding.

    Team work and attention to detail

    We have to admit, Amspec never shies away from a challenge and we are never frightened to take on new challenges, hence why we knew the company would find a day at Breakout Manchester rewarding. Furthermore, by working as a close-knit team, as our experience at Breakout Manchester showed, we collectively work things out and get projects done to an extremely high standard and within given timeframes.

    From providing state-of-the-art office fit outs Lancashire businesses can benefit from to finding the solutions and office interior design Manchester firms require to move their organisation to the next level, to crafting bespoke design and build projects for an educational institution, our diverse portfolio of work is driven by teamwork and meticulous attention to detail.

    A commitment to continue growing and learning

    We have to admit, the immersive and collaborative nature of having to intensely use your mental ability to escape the rooms at Breakout Manchester is an effective learning experience. You learn off other team members’ mistakes and strive to overcome them, skills which are called upon in the working environment.

    This commitment to learn and grow is alive and thriving at Amspec. We are driven by an ethos to expand the business further and do this by never being afraid to investigate new ideas, technology, efforts in sustainability, as well as new connections.

    With new members of staff boosting our team, some fabulous projects concluded, new clients on-board and some great projects existing and in the pipeline, it’s been a great year for Amspec, and we can’t wait for the next exciting, fun and effective teambuilding exercise to help develop our energetic team spirit even further.

    If you want to talk about any aspect of office fit-outs, industrial interior design or commercial refurbishment in the North West, get in touch to see how our team can help your team flourish.

  • Design Trend: Why Solid Surface materials are a buzzword in modern office design

    United Utilities 1

    Solid surface materials are becoming increasingly popular in the design, refurbishment and fit-out of modern offices and industrial commercial premises. As well as being a solid, robust and practical worktop material used for high-end commercial applications, solid surface materials give office and commercial building interior designers almost endless opportunities to create bespoke and effective commercial refurbishments and office fit-outs that are not only highly functional and stylish but are also cost-effective.

    There are a number of benefits of using solid surface materials such as Corian, LG Hi-Macs and Avonite in bespoke commercial fit-outs. Inconspicuous joints, colours created by advanced composites, being a non-porous material and being ultra-resistant, durable, hygienic and stylish, are just several advantages of using this increasingly ubiquitous type of surface fabrication.


    One form of solid surface material is micro-cement, another surging design trend in offices and other commercial buildings. Much of the popularity of this modern type of construction material is owed to the fact it provides an extremely versatile and decorative finish. A thin layer is applied to virtually any existing feature in a commercial building, crafting an entirely different look.
    Stylish, practical and hygienic

    With an aesthetically-pleasing and versatile finish, micro-cement is seen as an efficient and effective design for workspaces and other commercial areas in which both style and hygiene are vital.

    As well as being available in virtually any colour, micro-cement can be applied to almost any surface, both internally and externally. It can also be finished in in either matt or high gloss. If required, micro-cement can be made waterproof and used underwater.

    What is particularly beneficial about this type of material is the fact that no joins are created and consequently micro-cement is resistant to mildew and is completely washable.

    As this ultra-versatile design material can be used to improve the condition, look and durability of numerous existing features in a workspace such as worktops, tiles, walls, floors and in staff kitchens, bathrooms and canteens, it can be a cost-effective way to refurbish industrial buildings and carry out bespoke commercial fit-outs that are tailored towards an organisation’s specific office and commercial premises’ design and functionality objectives.

    Creating the industrial-look with micro-cement

    Whether it’s an old warehouse converted into modern offices in East London, or an industrial refurbishment in Manchester, more and more businesses are choosing to adopt an elegant, industrial-chic office interior.

    Worktops covered in a micro-cement finish that are set against traditional brick walls, visible steel piping and a slate floor, craft a highly fashionable and functional ‘concrete’ and ‘industrial’ look.

    Micro-cement case study: Amspec’s bespoke seating booths for United Utlities

    Never failing to recognise the design and functionality qualities of new materials and design trends, Amspec have been quick to get on the micro-cement trail.

    We completed a project using micro-cement for United Utilities, who commissioned us to detail and fabricate bespoke seating booths for their newly-refurbished Integrated Customer Contact Centre at Lingley Mere.

    As the design brief was to create seating booths resonant of the large concrete sewer pipes that United Utilities frequently use, the Amspec design team applied micro-cement in a circular share around the seating to give the illusion of industrial concrete piping, with extremely effective results!

    If you are thinking about incorporating solid surface materials into the design of your office or commercial premises, you may want to call upon the expertise of Amspec, industrial interior designers in Manchester. If you require an industrial refurbishment or a bespoke commercial fit-out in Liverpool or anywhere in the North West, get in touch to see how our team can deliver a bespoke and quality commercial refurbishment.

  • Amspec at work: Cotton Exchange Showers and Bike Store


    Yet further testament of Amspec’s relentless drive to deliver high quality and bespoke commercial design in the North West that is tailored to our clients’ objectives, budgets and timeframes, can be found through our recent work on the Cotton Exchange Showers and Bike Store in Liverpool.

    Liverpool’s Cotton Exchange is a Grade II listed building is the city’s commercial district. Built in the early 20th century at a time when the cotton trade was shaping the city of Liverpool, this seven storey building is steeped in history.

    Today the Cotton Exchange offers a variety of high-quality, prime-location, refurbished office accommodation over its seven floors.

    Bruntwood, one of the UK’s leading office and retail space providers, appointed Amspec to carry out the design and build of bike storage, changing facilities, toilets and showers in this prime office venue in Liverpool.

    Minimal disruption

    One of the key criteria of this project was that the work was carried out in a timely manner so that minimal disruption occurred to existing tenants.

    The bike shed and shower block also had to sensitively executed so that it sat within the confines of the building’s existing fabric. The building’s pipes and steelwork essentially determined the layout of the space but Bruntwood and Amspec worked together to ensure every effort was made to produce a space that was sympathetic and in-keeping with the rest of this historical grade II-listed building.

    Consequently, great attention to detail was implemented in the design, including Amspec making miniature replicas of steel columns but in timber to support the vanity shelf in the changing facilities. 

    Jessica Murison, Amspec’s Design Manager, spoke of the team’s dedication to providing attention to detail, stating:

    “This is definitely a project to see the before and after photos, the space has been totally transformed, the attention to details on this project is a credit to Amspec’s Project Team.”


    Amspec’s recent work on creating showers and bike store design in Liverpool is just another example of our ethos to help businesses and organisations create sustainable work spaces. Having a place where employees can safely store their bikes and shower before starting work is conducive with generating a sustainable commercial interior design which helps improve, not only the health of the environment by encouraging staff to cycle to work, but also the wellbeing of employees.

  • Inspiring warehouse design


    Like any workspace, warehouses need to well-designed in order to nurture inspiration and productivity. Put simply, a well-designed warehouse can help your business run more efficiently and effectively. Creating an inspiring warehouse design that is tailored to your company’s specific requirements, requires careful planning. For bespoke industrial design Manchester, Liverpool and business beyond the North West can benefit from, take a look at the following advice on how to turn a lacklustre warehouse into one that inspires and ensures your industrial space works harder.


    The layout of a warehouse is vitally important and the use of space needs to be utilised to the maximum in order to get the most out of the warehouse. In a warehouse with a good layout, goods can be received efficiently, picked up and put away with ease. Sufficient space should be allocated not only for the hordes of items that frequently come into the warehouse but for the various operations and assembly lines that take place.

    In the planning stage of a new warehouse design in the North West or anywhere for that matter, think of generating space for merchandise, receipts, order loading, order picking and packing, order assembly and shipping.

    You may want to think about segregating the warehouse into different zones or ‘bins’. The different areas should be ranked to help create a more efficiently-operated warehouse whereby employees know what merchandise goes where.

    When planning the layout of a warehouse you should consider how to utilise every square inch of the space so that it increases labour productivity, reduces storage costs and ultimately helps inspire the workforce.
    Lighting can be an invaluable way to turn a dreary warehouse into a more inspiring and productive place for workers. For example if your current warehouse is currently lit up with cold, fluorescent lighting, replacing it with more warm, natural-looking colours and LED lighting is likely to help boost staff morale, productivity and foster a more inspired workforce.

    In a warehouse it is particularly important that the lighting doesn’t dazzle workers, as it can have serious health and safety implications. Consequently, it is imperative to position the lighting so that it provides ample light to illuminate workspaces but doesn’t dazzle employees, as a dazzled workforce is hardly conducive with an inspired one.


    High quality UK industrial design companies always consider ways to make nature a feature of the workspace.

    Research consistently shows that having windows that let swathes of daylight into a room is directly linked to a happier, more inspired and productive workforce. Whether you are planning to move into a new warehouse or are wanting to transform your current, dimly-lit, uninspiring warehouse that is void of windows and natural light into a much more inspiring place to work, installing windows would be an invaluable move.

    Storage solutions

    Due to rapid growth, large discount buying, seasonal peaks and even slow sales peaks, it is common for warehouses to quickly run out of space. As expansion is not always an option, creative storage ideas can be the solution.

    Vertical cube

    For top quality commercial interior design Liverpool and other north west companies can make the most of, you may want to think about installing the likes of vertical cubing into the warehouse. A vertical cube enables you to utilise the space above for maximum storage. It also allows for horizontal use which can be instrumental in warehouses struggling for space.


    Having a mezzanine built into the warehouse can be a creative way to overcome storage and space challenges.

    One of the best components of a mezzanine floor is that they create a substantial amount of space without having to undergo any major structural changes to the building.

    Mezzanines can therefore be an effective way to create more storage in a cost-effective manner. A stylish, well-designed mezzanine can also inject some style and creativeness into a lacklustre warehouse.


    In an office, uncomfortable, unstylish and dully-coloured furniture won’t do the look and ‘feel’ of office any favours, and the same principle can be applied to a warehouse.

    Replacing out-dated, uncomfortable and uninspiring furniture with brighter, more contemporary, comfortable and stylish alternatives is a fairly simple and cost-effective way to transform your warehouse from being a dull and insipid place to work to an inspiring haven of creativity, productivity and a happy workforce.

    Get in touch with Amspec for warehouse design and to discuss ideas on how to make an existing industrial space work harder.

  • Achieving the three ‘Rs’ in commercial building refurbishment


    When it comes to commercial office refurbishment there are three important ‘Rs’ that every quality commercial interior refurbishment company should be more than competent with – refurbish, renovation and remodel. Here at Amspec we pride ourselves on delivering high quality commercial building refurbishment. We have years of experience successfully completing projects involving the crucial Rs in commercial interior refurbishment Lancashire and North West businesses can benefit from.

    If you are about to embark on a commercial building refurbishment project or are involved in such a project and want to achieve the best possible results, take a look at what exactly the three Rs are and how to achieve them to a high standard.


    A company’s office or commercial building is one of its biggest assets and promotors of it brand. Like fashion on the high street, commercial buildings can quickly become outdated, lacklustre and uninspiring. In order to prevent the unproductiveness of working and operating in an uninspiring environment, organisations of all sizes and niches often require an office refurbishment. The refurbishment ensures companies adhere to modern design trends, innovative technology and infrastructure and maintain a stylish and desirable place to work, which continues to impress employees, clients and visitors.

    In short, office refurbishment is essential in order to keep a commercial building clean, bright, fresh and modern.

    Here at Amspec we carry out high quality commercial building refurbishment North West organisations are proud of, by providing tailored solutions to an individual company’s requirements. We work with our clients each step of the way to ensure the refurbishment project is executed smoothly, on-time and to budget, with only the highest of results delivered.


    The renovation of an office or commercial building requires the same level of diligence, experience and commitment. Commercial building renovation involves either restoring a building to a previous condition or restoring it to an even better condition. In order to achieve successful building renovation smart planning is crucial.

    Again, by working with our clients not for them, Amspec’s design-led and end-to-end commercial building renovation services include in-depth research of our clients’ goals and solidifying their specific objectives. From the outset, we ask our clients crucial questions, including what are the factors driving the commercial interior renovation such as the need to update their infrastructure system, install new technology or to simply enhance the aesthetics of the work space.

    For a renovation project to be successful, budgets must be mapped out from the start, as should timescales, both of which Amspec aims to religiously stick to in the commercial interior design and renovation work we carry out.


    The final crucial ‘R’ is of course remodel. The remodelling of an office or commercial building involves changing, modifying or altering a building or space in some way.

    Remodelling an interior gives an organisation the chance to improve the look, style and functionality of a building without having to invest heavily in an extensive and costlier renovation or refurbishment project.

    Amspec has the necessary skills, tools, knowledge and experience to deliver high quality commercial building remodelling on-time, to budget and to an exceptionally high standard. 

    If you are looking for an experienced commercial interior designer Manchester, Liverpool, Lancashire and North West companies can benefit from and enjoy, get in touch with the Amspec team, commercial interior design and refurbishment specialists.

  • Amspec at Work: Unit 3 Wharfside Trafford Park


    Amspec’s recent work designing and fitting out an industrial unit in Trafford Park, demonstrates clearly our relentless commitment to deliver quality industrial refurbishment and commercial fit out projects in a timely and cost-effective manner.

    The Amspec team were asked by CBRE, the world’s largest commercial real estate services firm, to give a detached industrial unit on Wharfside, Trafford Park, a full strip out of the previous tenant’s installations and to design and install a new commercial interior. The project included removing all of the offices and partitioning in the unit, as well as mechanical and electrical services.

    One of the biggest challenges of this industrial refurbishment project in Manchester was the fact we were working within a tight timeframe of just ten weeks.

    Testament to Asmpec’s ability to react with speed and precision that is based on our client’s individual needs, circumstances and objectives, is the fact that we were able to adapt our working schedule so that the project was completed within the ten week deadline.

    During the contract period with CBRE, the company secured a new tenant for the unit on Trafford Park.

    Following the successful tender process, Amspec were awarded the CAT A refurbishment for the industrial refurbishment Manchester.

    Whilst a CAT A fit out can vary from developer to developer, it generally refers to the level of fit out provided by the developer to the landlord. The work involved with a CAT A refurbishment generally includes raising floors and suspending ceilings, basic electrical and mechanical services and making finishes to internal space.

    The work Amspec carried out on Unit 3 Wharfside included the basic requirements for a CAT A fit out and more besides. Our bespoke commercial fit out in Manchester included making new partitioning in the unit, laying new flooring, decoration work, installing suspended ceilings, adding new kitchens, as well as mechanical and electrical services.

    This high-quality commercial industrial refurbishment is a world apart from the former run-down and vandalised unit of old, which had an incredibly poor interior structure. With its high ceilings, polished and contemporary design, stylish and practical kitchen and a spacious layout, needless to say both CBRE and the tenant were delighted with the end result and the project is yet another example of how the Amspec team works with our clients and produces high quality solutions which are tailored to their personal timeframes and budgets.

    To view previous bespoke commercial fit out in Liverpool, Manchester and the whole of the North West, visit our projects page. For top quality, cost-effective and bespoke commercial fit outs Liverpool and Manchester businesses can benefit from, get in touch with Amspec, industrial design specialists.

  • Sustainable office design


    With the increasing demand to adopt greener practices in virtually all walks of life, more and more businesses are transitioning to sustainable office designs, workspaces that address a goal to be ecological. Implementing a sustainable design within a workspace comes with many benefits, including improving staff wellbeing, creating a more cost-effective office environment and helping a business be portrayed in a more responsible and credible light. Amspec, office design North West specialists, explore some of the processes involved with making an office sustainable and how to create a sustainable office design centred on the environmental, social and economic demands of a business.

    The crux of crafting a sustainable office is focused on providing a durable and sustainable environment without compromising the Earth’s resources. The materials required for a sustainable office are therefore vitally important.

    It is no secret that building construction relies on huge quantities of natural resources. Using recycled building materials is one of the most effective ways to create a sustainable office. Reusing building materials minimise the need to extract and process raw materials from the ground, thereby reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Not only this, but salvaging materials reduces both the environmental and economic impact from waste disposal.

    Sustainable office furniture

    As well as the building construction of an office or work space, furniture plays a key part in sustainable office design. Manchester based Amspec are committed to delivering bespoke office furniture that is tailored for our client’s specific needs and is sustainable. For example, all the materials Amspec uses in our sustainable office design are sourced from reputable suppliers. The timber we use in our sustainable office fit-outs, new builds or refurbishments are not only of an exceptionally high quality but have been harvested responsibly under licence from sustainable forests.

    Economic benefits

    A green office can be a valuable asset in helping businesses achieve a more cost-effective workspace. As Nigel Holden, head of energy and environment at the Co-operative Group told The Guardian in a report about the company’s new sustainable headquarters, designed to use half of the energy ad 80% less carbon than its former headquarters:

    “It’s about our ethical commitments, it’s about our brand, but it’s also about halving our consumption and bills.”

    Part of the process of developing a sustainable office design is to eliminate energy use and cut emissions wherever possible. For example, in the initial fact-finding and researching stage of our office interior design, Manchester based Amspec works with our clients to draw up a more energy-efficient building.

    Whether it’s replacing old, draughty windows and doors with more efficient double-glazed alternatives, implementing fully integrated heating and cool technology into an office, or recovering ‘waste heat’ from the likes of refrigeration, extractor fans and IT systems and reusing it in other parts of a building to provide heat or hot water, implementing energy-saving strategies will ultimately help save a company money on energy bills in the long-term.

    By creating a sustainable and quality office design, Liverpool and other North West based companies may have to pay upfront costs to install such sustainable systems, but the costs are often recovered fairly quickly.

    Social benefits of a sustainable office

    The social benefits of a sustainable office design are centred on businesses making improvements to the health, wellbeing and quality of life of their employees. For example, a poorly-lit office with little or no daylight and that has little ventilation and poor indoor air quality, which has an uninspiring design, nowhere to take breaks and uncomfortable office furniture has long been associated with having negative impacts on workforces. These negative impacts include employee absenteeism, illness, fatigue, stress and distractions.

    By contrast a bright, airy, comfortable, creative, inspiring office design, with good ventilation and natural lighting and plenty of space to take breaks, socialise and integrate are proven to generate more positive states of wellbeing and health amongst workers, ultimately leading to a more loyal workforce with less employee turnover.

    In fact the term ‘new sustainability’ has been coined in reference to office design that is focused on employee engagement. As Entrepreneur highlights, office design features such as incubation, cross pollination and co-working are meaning more and more walls and dividers are being brought down in favour of a more collaborative, transparent and creative office layout and design.

    Inspiring and creative sustainable office design

    Which brings us on to creating a sustainable office design that inspires creativity. As well as the social benefits a sustainable office brings, green workspaces that prioritise sustainable practices naturally inspire creativity. For example, being situated next to a window, with views, natural daylight, at a comfortable and spacious workstation, in an office that encourages cross-departmental collaboration, regular breaks in a designated area and socialising with colleagues, will go a long way in inspiring employee creativity and productiveness.

    For bespoke office interior design in Liverpool, Manchester, the North West and beyond, Amspec has years of experience designing inspirational offices which put sustainability at the core. Get in touch to see how our team can make your office sustainable.

  • Design Trends: Innovate and Inspire


    Workspaces have been proven to have a direct influence on motivating employees. According to multiple studies on workspace design and productivity, the most significant element that determines employee productivity and creativity is their physical environment. 

    Increasingly businesses are striving to make their premises ‘work harder’ in order to motivate employees and nurture innovation and creativity, which can ultimately assist company growth. Businesses are achieving a ‘harder working’ space by modifying the design of the office and implementing certain features and ‘tricks’.

    As Life Hack writes in an article about office design tricks that can innovate and inspire workforces:

    “Where you work has an enormous impact on how your work – on your ability to focus (and stay focused) and your overall ability to be productive.”

    From creating state-of-the-art office fit outs in Manchester to designing and building a new shower and bike store for a leading serviced office provider in Liverpool, Amspec has been involved with helping businesses craft a more innovative and inspiring place of work for their employees.

    Take a look at some of the ways modern businesses are modifying their office interior design so it helps inspire and motivate staff.

    The demise of the ‘White Box’ office

    The White Box office interior is essentially characterised by white walls and ceiling planes and a neutrally-coloured floor. In an office environment, the White Box is often the ‘container’ for an open plan office in which workspaces and furniture is laid out systematically.

    Research conducted as far back as the 1980s found that the white walls of the White Box design were harsh on the eyes and not particularly human-friendly and pleasant for workers.

    In the quest for more inspiring, innovative and human-friendly office designs, the outdated ‘White Box’ office is being replaced by more innovative designs and features. For example, the unflattering fluorescent lighting of old is increasingly being replaced by more natural, energy efficient and less dreary forms of lighting. As are working spaces that lack colour and comprise of monotonously-coloured carpets and walls and uninspiring furniture. Instead office interiors are becoming much brighter, vibrant and exciting.

    The traffic flow and interactivity of an office is now considered with greater detail. The ‘White Box’ environment of an open plan office design with little collaboration or creativity is being replaced by a more collaborative layout and ease of traffic flow, filled with inspiring art work, comfortable seating and more ‘cosy’ features.

    Thinking about lighting

    Lighting is a crucial feature when it comes to motivating and inspiring staff. Despite being one of the most important factors in helping employees stay focused and feel inspired, the lighting of a workspace often goes overlooked.

    As bad lighting can create a whole host of problems for the occupants of a building, such as eyestrain, headache, fatigue and irritability, the savviest of businesses are installing better lighting features to help motivate employees.

    Office space with plenty of windows letting swathes of daylight to flood into the room is favourable in order to nurture employee creativity and motivation. However, if natural daylight isn’t an option, exchanging drab fluorescent lighting with more vibrant and modern alternatives such as LED lighting, can prove to be a shrewd move in crafting an office space designed to motivate staff. 

    Introducing task lighting into the design of an office, which is used to increase the lighting of a specific area, can also help employees stay focused.

    Creating a buzz with a more contemporary stylish look

    Amspec’s work on Hardman Square, a grade A office development in the heart of Manchester’s blossoming new business district, was centred on creating a fresh and contemporary office interior design. The Amspec team completely outstripped the old office space, including a meeting room, canteen, outdated suspended ceiling, floor and finish.

    We exchanged this outdated and lacklustre office design with a more modern look, including a contemporary suspended metal ceiling with integrated services and lighting. The net result was a stylish and visually pleasing office with a bright décor designed to lift spirits at work and nurture creativity and productiveness.

    Making the workspace fun

    In keeping with Google’s philosophy that “life at Google is not all work”, more and more businesses are introducing a fun element into the interior design of their office, which helps keep staff motivated and inspires creativity. With facilities for wall climbing, bowling, volleyball and personal creative sessions, Google could be described as being one of the forerunners in creating fun workspaces designed to encourage employees to take regular breaks and stay motivated throughout the day.

    Blending the old with the new

    Office interior design that blends a building’s original features with modern décor and design is another popular way to create a more inspiring and motivated workforce.

    For example, when Amspec was commissioned by the International Cotton Association (ICA) to design their new offices in Exchange Flags, we were striving to create a synergy between the old and the new. The challenge to enhance the traditional features of Exchange Flags buildings with stylish and contemporary modern features was achieved by Amspec, as we successfully installed new partitioning, lighting, flooring, furniture and decoration.

    If you want to discuss how to make your existing work space ‘work harder’, get in touch with Amspec, office interior designers in Manchester. We offer bespoke design and build solutions in Manchester, Liverpool, the whole of the North West and beyond. Get in touch today to discuss all your commercial building design and construction requirements.

  • Category: Office news

    Amspec at Work: JM Architects


    At Amspec we are dedicated to delivering exceptionally high quality work for all of our clients. Whether it’s commercial interior design in Liverpool or a bespoke office fit out, Manchester based Amspec pride ourselves on making our clients’ office interior design dreams a reality.

    In order to achieve our clients’ commercial interior design aims, the Amspec team focuses a lot of time and effort getting to know our clients. As a consequence we find ourselves in a much better position to produce the interior design and commercial fit out solutions tailored to their specific budgets, goals and timeframes.

    Testament to Amspec’s commitment to deliver top-quality and bespoke commercial interior design solutions was the office fit out project we completed for JM Architects.

    Amspec was commissioned by JM Architects to carry out an office fit out of their new offices in Manchester. The award-winning architectural practice had outgrown their premises in Central Manchester and relocated into new larger offices on Princess Street, one of the city’s leading business hubs.

    JM Architect’s wanted an office space that created a change in mood from their previous office, which had been the home of the Practice for more than ten years.

    During our initial fact-finding stage of our design-led approach to office fit outs that begins with meetings designed to get to know our clients and their brand’s personality and goals, we learned that the firm aimed to:

    “Create the best spaces, buildings and places with a level of design excellence that satisfies, delights and inspires.”

    With such aspirations on-board, Amspec certainly had a challenge ahead of us!

    Bespoke contemporary furniture

    Bespoke furniture and storage played a central role in satisfying JM Architect’s objective to create an inspiring workspace. All of the stylish, unique and bespoke furniture we used in this commercial fit out in Manchester was developed by the Amspec team using the Architect’s original concepts.

    The office’s big open-plan layout, designed for nurturing office interaction and vibrancy, was framed by large bespoke storage units. In order to give the units a more contemporary and fresh look, the Amspecc team gave them a gloss white paint finish at our onsite Spraying Booth facility.

    We were also particularly pleased with the bespoke sliding ladder that we manufactured to complete the installation, which runs on an 11.5 metre continuous stainless steel rail. 

    Blending traditional and modern office interior design

    Asides the bespoke design features, the high level of design the client requested was achieved through the playful contrast of styles in the new office. The stylish contemporary white furniture uniquely contrasts with the age of the building, which was retained by exposing the original beams on the ceiling and the columns and by stripping the floor boards.

    Amspec introduced an additional quirky and unique feature to the office fit out in Manchester. We overcame the challenge of fitting the power and data distribution of the workspace whilst keeping this vital office infrastructure in-keeping with the rest of the space by installing an overhead galvanised tray with vertical feature power hoses to each of the cluster of desks.

    We are thrilled to say that JM Architects were pleased with the end result, as the Practice’s director, Andrew Irving said:
    “Of course the move signals a fresh new chapter for us, it also speaks of our rapid forward momentum – the studio is buzzing and we’re delightfully busier than ever.”

    If you are thinking about undergoing an inspiring new office fit out and require the talents of a commercial interior designer, Liverpool based Amspec will talk with you to discuss how office design features could work within your own space. You can view more of our previous projects on Amspec’s projects page.

  • Making your dream space a reality


    Having a quality, stylish and productive commercial building design, which is tailored for your organisation’s specific requirements and goals, is conducive with business success. With the right building design, companies and organisations of all industries and sizes are in a much better position to thrive and develop. You know what your ideal commercial space is but how can you realistically achieve it?

    Take a look at some of the essential processes involved in the journey from design to construction and how you can make your ideal commercial space a reality.

    A good design

    Without a good design, a commercial building construction project stands little chance of being successful.

    From the first point of contact to the final touches being made to the interior design, basing the whole project on a high quality design, will ensure the construction job is in a much better position to succeed.

    Amspec offer an integrated design and build solution which maps out timescales and costs from the outset. Having one point of contact through the whole design to build process, helps to shorten project timescales, minimise risk to the client, solve any problems that may arise more efficiently, integrate warranties offered by the designer and builder with no split responsibility, and ultimately achieve better value.

    Mapping out your objectives

    Our design-led approach includes listening to our client’s goals in a series of initial meetings. During the design stage of the project, your key business needs and corporate objectives should be determined and made part of the design. For example, you might be a thriving digital agency which strives to create a vibrant and stylish office design with comfortable furniture, break-out rooms and a bright, vibrant colour scheme and interior design that is reflective of your brand’s personality. Such objectives should be highlighted at the design stage in order to be met during construction.

    Workplace Consultancy 

    Conducting a workplace consultancy during the plan proposal stage is an effective way to ensure working spaces are optimised for the goals, business challenges and subsequent growth of a company.

    For example, Amspec’s complete design and build solution includes a workplace consultancy that comprises of observation sessions, staff workshops, interviews, questionnaires and storage audits. With such vital information presented, we are then in a position to interpret the data to produce a comprehensive design strategy centred on maximising efficiency with a building, reducing costs, adopting to new ways of working, and responding to business challenges.

    Collaboration between designer and builder

    A quality design and construction project involves collaboration between designers and builders. Ideally, these two entities should not be segregated, as if problems do arise during the construction process of the project, they are more readily solved as a collaborative response between the design team and the building team.

    Comprehensive building solutions that combine advanced technology with established building techniques

    Quality, design-led construction projects embrace cutting edge design with tried and tested construction techniques. Both the design and construction processes of the project will need to consider and implement different aspects that result in a perfect commercial building design and construction project. These different aspects of building design and construction may include one, two, several or all of the following, depending on what stage your project is at and what elements you are wanting to implement:

    • Energy supplies
    • Heating and air conditioning
    • Ventilation and refrigeration
    • Natural and artificial lighting
    • Water plumbing and drainage
    • Communication and IT networks
    • Fire detection and suppression systems
    • Audio visual systems

    Bespoke manufacturing

    To ensure our clients’ dream commercial space is achieved, Amspec is committed to offering bespoke manufacturing. Maintaining a drive to deliver a high quality and bespoke finish, we have invested heavily in state-of-the-art Computer Aided CNC Machinery, which provides a precise quality finish every time.

    To make your dream space a reality, the materials used in the construction project need to be of the highest quality. Consequently, Amspec only uses high quality timber that has been responsibly harvested under license from sustainable forests. In fact all of the materials we use are sourced from reputable suppliers.

    For the whole project to be achieved on-time, to budget and to the highest possible standard, such building services need to be seamlessly integrated into the construction process. A quality commercial interior designer and construction specialist will tailor project specifications and circumstances to help ensure success.

    The process between design and build involves many different procedures, some of which can be challenging. Employing a commercial building design and construction such as Amspec, which delivers a complete solution from design and build, can be one way to making your dream space a reality.

    Whether you require new office furniture in the North West, or a commercial interior designer in Liverpool or anywhere in the UK, here at Amspec, we work with our clients every step of the way and listen to their objectives and goals from the outset. You may be in the planning stages or halfway through a project, whatever stage of commercial building design and construction you are at, Amspec can offer a complete design and build solution and help make your dream space a reality.

    If you have an interior design project, a design and construction job, or merely a refurbishment plan in mind, get in touch with Amspec today to discuss all your commercial space goals.

  • Space to Educate, Space to Work


    Whether it’s a primary school, secondary, or even further education institution, the perfect classroom design needs to accommodate students, teachers and their assistants. In a primary school, for example, children need space to play and learn whilst the teachers and other adults involved in a classroom need space to work and teach. Working on a design project in which students and adults are both the ‘end users’ can be challenging and requires a degree of flexibility and creativity. 

    If you are involved with the design management of any classroom setting, take a look at the following design solutions, centred on making the most of modern school education settings and creating the perfect classroom design.

    Learning Labs

    Learning laboratories take a wide variety of names that differ from school to school, but generally refer to a specific location in an education institution, such as a dedicated space in a library or classroom, designed to deliver academic support for students. 

    The design of a learning lab can also vary significantly, though it is fairly common for the lab to be an IT hub, designed for technology-enhanced learning. The seating and layout of learning laboratories is also important. It is not uncommon for the labs to comprise of several tables with clusters of chairs around them to accommodate multiple students and to encourage student/teacher collaboration. 

    Amspec was appointed by Thornleigh Salesian College, a secondary school in Bolton, to design a number of laboratories within the school. The design of the labs needed to cater for some alterations in methods of teaching that had been implemented in the school. 

    Consequently, Amspec designed and manufactured central service bollards with accompanying island-style desks and seating. Amspec worked with Thornleigh College throughout the design project to ensure that the materials and design style adhered to the school’s objectives and that the project was completed before lessons resumed in September. 

    Alterations to partitioning

    Making some simple alterations to the layout of a classroom can significantly affect the teaching/learning experience. For example, installing partitioning in the classroom will provide areas of personal space, as well as making clear distinctions between individual and group activity areas.
    As well as flooring and ceiling replacement, Amspec’s recent refurbishment of Appleton Thorn Primary in Warrington included the decoration and alteration to existing partitioning, designed to modify the teaching/learning experience of the classrooms. 

    Utilising space above

    If the education setting is stuck for space, if classroom numbers are rising or you merely want to create more room in a classroom for both children and adults to benefit from and enjoy, utilising space overhead can be an effective form of classroom design.
    One way to do this would to have a ‘classroom loft’ installed. The classroom loft can be accessed via some steps and can enhance the learning and development experience in the classroom. 

    These cosy and creative spaces not only provide additional room in a classroom but they also create a supplementary teaching space. With more room on ground level, teachers and classroom assistants can have more space to manoeuvre, work and teach at their optimum. 

    Space to play with creative structures 

    The simplest of spaces can be a haven for playing and learning in a classroom. For example, in a reception class, dedicating a corner of the room to being a play area can be creatively achieved by mimicking an inspiring and ‘fairy-tale’ structure, such as a doll’s house, a fairies’ garden or a castle. Have books, toys and other learning resources close at hand so children can read, play and learn with ease in this dedicated creative space.

    Removing the teacher ‘shrine’

    Interactivity is a buzzword in modern classrooms as the days of students arduously staring at the teacher talking for the majority of the day have long gone. Consequently, the teacher’s desk or table is no longer such a mandatory requirement in modern education settings. Getting rid of this teacher’s ‘shrine’ will mean space is utilised more efficiently in the classrooms, giving teachers more room to work, teach and interact with children, who will also have more space to learn and play. 

    If you are looking to create bespoke classroom design and build anywhere in the UK, North West-based Amspec has experience working on design projects which cater for the unique requirements of both students and adults. We will work with you every step of the way on your commercial interior design project in the UK, to ensure your classroom educates and inspires everyone who steps foot in it. Call Amspec today for more advice on a bespoke design and build of a school or other education setting.

  • LED lighting – Is it right for your space?


    As a growing emphasis gets placed on adhering to environmentally friendly lifestyles, organisations, big and small, are under increasing pressure to adapt to more sustainable practices. The design of premises plays a leading role in how green and sustainable an organisation is, and none more so than lighting. 

    Due to its incredible efficiency, LED lighting technology is transforming the lighting sector. What was once considered too expensive to install for many private and public sector organisations, has recently come down in price, making it a more affordable and realistic option.

    You might be the manager of an engineering plant premises in Birmingham, or are in charge of an education sector refurbishment in Liverpool, if you are considering exchanging more conventional forms of lighting with LED alternatives in your workspace, take a look at some of the pros and cons of this modern form of lighting to help you decide whether LED technology is right for you.

    Energy efficient

    With the price of energy bills going one way only, organisations of all sizes and industries are constantly thinking of ways to make savings on energy and bring down the cost of bills. 

    With an estimated energy efficiency of 80 – 90%, LED lighting loses a small amount of electrical energy as heat. This compares to traditional bulbs, in which as much as 80% of energy is lost as heat. 

    By requiring a fraction of the energy to produce the same amount of light, it stands to reason that LED lighting can help organisations save a significant amount of money on energy bills.

    Longer lasting

    Furthermore, LED bulbs have a longer lifespan than traditional lighting. Consequently, not only does this energy-efficient form of lighting have to be purchased less frequently, but it also requires less maintenance work. This can be a huge plus if you are involved with overseeing the design project of a large space, such as a school classroom design in Manchester, or a school design in Liverpool, for example. 

    The size of your space will therefore need considering when you are deciding whether to use LED lighting or not. With considerably less maintenance required with this type of lighting, bigger spaces in particular reap the cost-saving benefits of not having to replace large quantities of bulbs. 

    Ecologically sustainable

    As well as having economically sustainable advantages, LED lighting is also more ecologically sustainable. Unlike many conventional light bulbs which contain a high number of environmentally-damaging chemicals such as mercury, LED lighting is free of toxic materials.
    They are also 100% recyclable, meaning with LED lighting installed you can immediately reduce the carbon footprint of any type of public or private sector premises design project, such as education sector design in the North West. 

    So what about the cons, are there any disadvantages to LED lighting?

    A bigger immediate investment

    Whilst the cost of LED lighting has come down in recent years, it is still more expensive than other sources of light and therefore requires a larger initial investment. However, when you consider the energy-saving qualities and fewer maintenance costs, this initial investment is soon offset by ongoing savings. 

    Requires some electronic expertise

    Another potential drawback of LED lighting technology is that it must be supplied with the right voltage and have the current at a constant flow. Subsequently, this requires some electronics knowledge to design the electronic drivers. 

    Generally speaking, the pros of LED lighting outweigh the cons, namely due to the sustainable nature of this modern form of lighting. 

    If you are involved with a design or refurbishment project of any public or private space, such as a school design or education sector design, Manchester based Amspec, specialists in workplace design and build, will be able to offer you advice on every aspect of the project, including installing lighting that will work best for you.

  • Meet the Team: Say Hello to Ian Poole


    Here at Amspec , our contracts team is a vital component of our company operations. Without our contracts’ specialists placing vital orders, reviewing Health and Safety procedures, engaging with sub-contractors, and that’s just for starters, Amspec’s day to day operations wouldn’t be half as smooth and efficient as they are.

    We had the pleasure of catching up with Ian Poole, a highly-respected member of the contracts team, to ask him a few questions on what life is like at Amspec….

    Hello! Please introduce yourself – who are you and what do you do at Amspec?

    Hi my name is Ian Poole, I work within the contracts team involved in various aspects of the business once a tender becomes a live project.

    Tell us a bit about your background, did you always want to work in the building and design industry?

    Working within the building and design industry wasn’t something I initially thought of working within. However from having a customer orientated background I found it something of interest. I have previously worked for an independent roofing merchants within sales, an electrical contractor involved in assisting within tendering prior to joining Amspec. Since working at Amspec I have gained my NEBOSH General Certificate for Health & Safety.

    How long have you worked for Amspec, and how did you first come to work for them?

    I have been with Amspec for over 5 years now, joining back in March 2010. Whilst working at my previous employment for an electrical contractor we dealt with Amspec as a sub-contractor and became to know the projects which they worked with. During this time an opportunity became available to join the Amspec team.

    Briefly describe a typical ‘day in the life’ of your role at Amspec

    This varies from day to day depending on the project. Typically I would be involved in placing orders for materials to be delivered to sites and liaising with the site foreman. I would also look to engage with sub-contractors regarding tendering for their element of works and making sure we review all their Health and Safety procedures prior to attending the site. On a day to day basis I am responsible for our delivery vehicle taking materials to and from site, and planning out their movements to maximise efficiency around the sites.

    What is your favourite thing about working at Amspec? What makes it such a great company to work for?

    My favourite thing would be the team that we have here, working together to solve problems and achieving our goals of delivering a well-finished project, which is completed on time.

    What’s the most exciting Amspec project you’ve been involved with to date?

    I really enjoyed the “All About Food” project as it was very different and from a build and design aspect involved ordering many different items than we would not normally do on a day to day basis. The works included a village green as a breakout area which allowed us to install astro turf, picnic benches and various digital artworks bringing an outdoor feel to the indoors.

    Outside of work, what do you love to do to keep busy?

    I enjoy playing and watching football. My passion is going to watch Liverpool as I am a season ticket holder in the Spion Kop and have been for 27 years. Apart from sports I enjoy socialising with friends and going for nice meals. I do like my holidays and love going anywhere in the USA. I’m more in to city breaks than beach holiday as like to explore places rather to waste my days sunbathing!

    Stay posted for our forthcoming interviews with other key members of the Amspec team. Meanwhile, if you have design and construction projects you’d like to discuss or have any questions about our services, contact Amspec today .

  • Amspec at Work: The Plaza Business Lounge


    Here at Amspec, we pride ourselves on not just working for our clients to make their office refurbishment dreams a reality, but working with them. Whatever stage your project is at, we love the challenge of getting to know your space, gaining a real understanding of how you want it to look, and more importantly how it needs to work on completion.

    When we were involved with the refurbishment of The Plaza’s Business Lounge, it was clear from the outset that a high end, stylish design was in order, but also that the design had to be highly functional too - more than just a ‘pretty face’.

    The Plaza building is a landmark part of Liverpool’s iconic city skyline. Located in the heart of the city’s business district, it’s no wonder it has become such a valued and respected facility and an popular choice for meetings, small conferences and interviews. The business lounge itself is placed opposite the meeting facilities, known as ‘The Red Rooms’ – and as those would still be in use throughout the project, considerations had to be made before work began.

    In order to minimise disruption to other occupants throughout The Plaza, we took time before the work commenced to erect temporary screening and window filming to the external glazing. As well as going some way to muffling the noise, the construction envelope also allowed for a much anticipated unveiling of the finished design on completion.

    The new business lounge design was created by Bridge Architects, having been advised by owners Bruntwood to provide a welcoming space with a first class appeal. The finished lounge delivers just that; it is furnished to a high standard, offers both functional workspace, relaxed lounge areas and more formal spaces for meetings, plus complimentary newspapers/magazines, refreshments and free WIFI.

    The space as a whole is divided into soft seating zones which are complemented by a stylish refreshment wall, a bespoke construction with a high end Rosso Silestone work surface, a perfect compliment to the up market decor.

    Amspec provided the stylish soft seating, and to complement the space we also fabricated and installed a bespoke touch down desk. The high level installation incorporates both localised power and data, making the space as functional as it is chic. Our team’s expertise was used to full effect in installing the design, the table being so large that part of the building’s external glazed wall (75mm thick 8ft x8ft panel) had to be removed manually by 12 men. The desk was then moved through the temporary opening by crane so that the design could be completed to a high standard and on schedule.

    As well as the bespoke furniture, we also provided an access controlled entry system, glazed partitioning systems, finishes, decoration and mechanical & electrical services to the project.

    Due to the high calibre of the finish and services offered, The Plaza Business Lounge is an approved space for use by the Institute of Directors and we at Amspec are delighted to have been a part of making that happen.

    If you need inspiration, advice or technical expertise to help move your refurbishment project along, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

  • Design Tends: Bespoke & Unique Branding


    Here at Amspec, Bespoke design is one of our specialties. Being design led and industry aware, we know that unique design features are becoming increasingly important to our clients for a number of reasons.

    A growing number of businesses we work with are choosing to use their office spaces as not just a place to do business, but as a showcase of their brand’s style and ingenuity. In the increasingly visual world we live in, first impressions really do count – and that goes for buildings and interiors as much as it does for people.

    For example, when a potential new client arrives at your office for a meeting, your reception area decor will make an impression on them long before your reception staff do. A fresh, clean, contemporary space is all well and good, but it’s not terribly memorable. A bespoke design that includes a sense of your brand, your corporate colours and so on makes a much bigger impact.

    When Amspec worked on Play Factore's refurbishment, the client requested a large scale counter which needed to be a focal point but still sit naturally and stylishly within the decor as a whole. We're able to manage large scale counters like this in house, meaning a completely bespoke design is achievable as the fabrication can be sectioned into manageable pieces which can then be put together and completed on site.

    When we worked with City Labs, external designers had been drafted in to create a scheme, and Amspec’s designers were brought in to work in collaboration with them and help to bring a beautifully detailed bespoke wall cladding system to life. The finished installation runs the entire length of an 18 metre wall; each panel was cut to a different shape to match the design, then carefully labelled up to aid putting the pieces together in the correct position to build the design on site.

    Custom built designs also allow you to inject your business’ personality into your refurbishment. Whatever budget you have available, our talented design team can advise and inspire you on ideas as to how you can use your decor to reflect what you do and who you are as a company. The frosted glass panels which were incorporated into the interiors at Hardman Square feature famous landmarks from around the world – reflecting an international business place and worldwide trading, as well as being an aesthetically pleasing design feature.

    Alternatively, if sustainability and Eco-friendly working ideas are at the heart of your business, you might choose to express that through your bespoke design by using reclaimed, recycled or other natural materials in your refurbishment.

    Bespoke designs can also help you make the most of every square inch of space you have available. In many ‘traditional’ office layouts, there’s a huge amount of wasted space. Creating your own design means you can cut out unnecessary features and make more room for useful, functional pieces of furniture. You can create areas designed to be multifunctional; perhaps an open plan reception area that can double as an informal meeting area, or communal staff areas that can work as collaborative work spaces as well as social gathering spots.

    In short, bespoke office design can help you stand out from the crowd and gain an edge on your competition. It can also help add value and efficiency to your office and improve the way you do business. If you’d like to know more about how your project can benefit from custom design, get in touch and we’ll be delighted to offer advice.

  • Meet the team: Say Hello to Abbie


    At Amspec, great design is at the heart of everything we do. From refurbishing dilapidated buildings to designing and constructing brand new ones from scratch, our onsite design team are never short of projects to help them show off what they do best – develop innovative, functional designs that our clients love.

    We caught up with one of our designers Abbie, in her own words ‘the younger half of the design team’ to find out more about her and her role within the company:

    Tell us a bit about your background, did you always want to work in the building and design industry?
    I completed my Foundation Diploma in Art & Design in my home town of Shrewsbury – I always knew I wanted a job in design but actually had a slight meltdown during my foundation after a panic about not getting a job and applied (and was accepted!) on a course for midwifery! Thankfully I got over it before I started studying babies and went on to study at Manchester School of Art for a Ba(Hons) in Interior Design.

    Thank goodness you changed your mind! How long have you worked for Amspec, and how did you first come to work for the company?
    I’ve worked for Amspec for two years now, I joined back in June 2013. I was invited for an interview after Jess visited the Manchester School of Art’s Degree show and liked my work. My first day working at Amspec was actually the day after my Graduation – it was certainly a crazy June for changes!

    Can you briefly describe a typical ‘day in the life’ of your role at Amspec?
    My daily routine is very busy and very varied, including meeting clients to discuss their requirements and ideas and then developing designs to suit those needs, their budget and the type of building.

    After a client meeting, I prepare initial sketches for the client to approve and advise on colour schemes, fabrics, fittings and furniture and so on.

    From there, my time is spent creating detailed drawings from the initial sketches on ACAD then sourcing fittings, furniture, fabrics, and wall and floor coverings.

    What is your favourite thing about working at Amspec? What makes it such a great company to work for?
    The Team!! I am continually gaining experience/knowledge/information from all of the team members, they’re great people and it’s a fun working environment.

    I love getting to meet new people too – both clients and suppliers. Oh, and the northern accents!

    What’s the most exciting Amspec project you’ve been involved with to date?
    We recently completed a project in Manchester for Elucigene Diagnostics which was really interesting. They were great clients to work for and I especially enjoyed working with their team on such a fantastic space.

    Outside of work, what do you love to do to keep busy?
    EATING! And spinning and walking my dog to balance things out. I also love travelling, I’ve recently been to Jamaica and can’t wait to go back!
    My colleagues would probably say I enjoy moving house – I’ve moved 3 times since starting at Amspec but have settled now back in Manchester!

    If you have a project coming up that needs top quality designer input, please do get in touch to see how we can help. Whether you’re refurbishing an existing space or designing a brand new one, we can offer design ideas and inspiration that will make your ideas a reality.

  • Category: Interiors

    Could your office space benefit from a roof garden?


    Roof gardens have long been an appealing design feature for residential properties. Now though, an increasing number of business owners and commercial landlords are incorporating them into office buildings and new build projects too.
    As a design led and industry aware company, here at Amspec we know that use of outside space is an increasingly popular trend for a number of reasons that can be beneficial to all sorts of businesses.

    Employee Satisfaction
    More and more business owners are actively taking the happiness and well being of their staff into account when planning their work spaces. Providing an outdoor space is a fantastic way to do just that – a roof garden at work could encourage interested employees to pull together to take care of maintenance, thereby fostering communication, good relations and teamwork, and even those who aren’t green fingered can enjoy the space as somewhere to socialise on breaks and enjoy the fresh air.
    Simply getting outside, away from their desks for a few minutes a day can be an amazing way for employees to recharge and reflect, making them happier and more productive at work.

    Health Benefits
    Outdoor space can also have a hugely positive effect on the health of your staff. Many businesses are introducing positive health initiatives such as free fruit in offices, cycle to work programs and so on – giving your staff the opportunity to have lunch in the fresh air rather than in a canteen or stooped over their desk is a perfect complement to such ideas.

    Business owners are also becoming increasingly aware of the importance of sustainability in their workplace – from carefully considering the suppliers of their consumables, to improving energy efficiency to create a more eco-friendly office. Installing a garden is a fantastic way to promote the importance you put on sustainability and showcase your business values, by protecting and providing habitat for wildlife – especially in built up areas where natural habitats are likely to be scarce.

    Stand out from the crowd
    Of course the other aspect that makes roof gardens so appealing to business owners is simply that they are an aesthetically pleasing design feature which helps to brand their company as modern, contemporary and stylish.
    From a landlord’s point of view, a building that comes complete with a thriving and attractive roof garden is likely to out shine one of a similar interior spec without any green space in the eyes of a potential tenant.

    In short, if you have scope to incorporate a roof garden into your refurbishment or your new build, it’s absolutely worth considering. If you’re unsure as to how it could work for your property, please do get in touch – our design team are full of brilliant ideas and inspiration as to how you could maximise your building’s potential, whatever space and budget you have available.

  • Amspec at Work: Keeping our Workshop State of the Art


    Here at Amspec, we’re incredibly proud of our onsite joinery workshop and the bespoke manufacturing it produces. We originally set it up to satisfy our desire to be in complete control of cost, quality and delivery times. Many of our clients projects are fast-track with very little margin for error and we wanted to be confident in delivering in style, on time and to budget. Our onsite workshop means we are in total control of the manufacturing process from start to finish, timing the final site installation to perfection.

    Our outstanding team have a wealth of joinery knowledge and experience and we’re passionate about making sure they have access to the best technology and hardware to let them showcase their skills. The workshop is fully equipped to take on large or small volume orders, supplying our site-based installation teams with high the quality manufactured joinery that Amspec clients expect. We have invested heavily in state of the art Computer Aided CNC Machinery to provide a precise quality finish time after time.

    We’ve recently invested in a new machine which will help us to continue delivering the outstanding results we’ve become known for – a HOLZ-HER Edgebander AURIGA 1308 XL. We were delighted to add this new machine to our workshop as it’s state of the art technology that will allow us to offer more bespoke design and build solutions than ever.

    The HOLZ-HER Edgebander AURIGA is a perfect example of outstanding German engineering. It allows for automatic and complete processing of work pieces of up to 60mm thick, with three incorporated finishing units. It uses a diamond tip cutter as standard and provides invisible joints with glue jet thin film technology. Thanks to the highest degree of automation and the complete processing hybrid technology, this machine produces outstanding results that require no manual finishing, meaning we can deliver the finished product more efficiently.

    The cutting edge technology allows for various edge profiles, corner rounding, post-formed profiles and much more besides. The diamond tipped tools ensure precision and reliability and the machines settings are variable to optimise how each feature can be utilised by our skilled UK craftsmen. In short, the HOLZ-HER Edgebander is an incredible machine that will allow us greater flexibility than ever before, meaning we can satisfy our client’s requirements better than ever too.

    At Amspec we’re passionate about keeping up with new technologies that allow us to satisfy our client’s requests. This new machine is equipped to produce such a wide range of finishes with flawless invisible joints every time that the manufacturing possibilities are huge. We’re proud to offer the flexible, bespoke solutions our clients are looking for, and this fantastic machine will certainly help us keep doing just that.

    Whatever stage your next project is at, talk to us today about how our joinery team can help make your design dreams into a sustainable, stylish reality. We don’t just work for our clients, we work with them to take their ideas and make them into something tangible – we have the technology and expertise to produce results that speak for themselves.

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    Amspec at work: Showcasing Sustainable Design


    At Amspec, sustainable design and construction are at the heart of everything we do for our clients. Our sustainable approach not only benefits the planet in terms of conserving resources, but it’s also beneficial to the businesses we serve in a number of ways.

    In a nutshell, sustainability in relation to Design and Construction means being able to provide durable, sustainable environments without compromising or depleting the earth’s resources. This approach demands consideration of the Environmental, Economic and Social needs within your business. The business benefits of such an approach include direct energy savings, an increased asset value of low carbon buildings, plus an improvement in staff well being, leading to positive staff engagement and retention thanks to an enhanced work place environment.

    One company that has certainly embraced the advantages of sustainable design is New Balance. They recently had their headquarters in Birchwood refitted, and the space has since been recognised as one of the best workplaces in the north at the annual British Council for Offices (BCO) awards.What caught the eye of the Judges was the building’s creative and quirky interior design, which made use of reclaimed materials to reflect the company’s sustainability ethos.

    Here at Amspec, our workshop team crafted 140 bespoke desks and pedestal covers for the project, all using reclaimed oak, which will not only look fantastic for years to come, but is also ecologically sound. New Balance are a perfect example of how creatively using reclaimed materials can actually elevate a work place to equally high, if not higher standards than using brand new materials throughout. We were delighted to be involved with such a creative project that has gone on to help highlight the importance of sustainable design, as well as showcase how on trend it can be.

    Being so passionate about sustainability, our designers and the team at our onsite workshop are full of great ideas and inspiration when it comes to transforming environmentally friendly reclaimed materials into something brand new as part of a chic, contemporary fit-out.

    As a design led and industry aware company, we know that more and more businesses are paying attention to their carbon footprints, and to evolving their work spaces into inspiring environments that engage their workforce, and we expect our new machine and the team in the workshop will be kept busy with many similar projects for a long time to come.

    If you’re not sure how sustainable design ideas can translate into your project, please do get in touch for advice. We’re passionate about working with our clients, not just for them – to inspire and educate wherever you need us. Talk to a member of the team about how reclaimed materials and other sustainable ideas can help take your design and fit out project to the next level.

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    Amspec at Work: Hardman Square


    Here at Amspec, we love the diversity of the projects we undertake – from bespoke office furniture made to order, to commercial interior design solutions that reflect a company’s branding and image, we love working closely with our clients to get a real feel for what it is they want to achieve.

    Sometimes the biggest challenge though, is to create a brand new layout with no particular occupant in mind. Where there are no specific requests, the challenge is to create a ‘blank canvas’ that will work well for a variety of businesses, but do so in such a way that the result is stylish and appealing, to inspire prospective tenants into signing on the dotted line of a new lease. That was the task in hand at Hardman Square, where we were successfully appointed to undertake a ‘CAT A’ fit-out on behalf of the Buildings Landlord, Muller investments Ltd.

    Hardman square is a grade A office development located in the heart of Spinningfields, Manchester’s blossoming new financial and professional services business district. Being situated in such a beneficial area, nestled amongst top quality amenities from retail outlets through to restaurants and cafes, it’s no wonder that the building is regarded as such a prestigious office base for many companies.

    The landlords requested a complete re-fit of the 8th floor, with the objective being to create a refreshed, contemporary interior and to leave the space ready for viewings by potential new occupants.

    The first job was to completely strip out the 2,200 square metre space. This included removing the existing office, meeting room, a canteen, outdated suspended ceilings, floor finishes and service. The work had to be carried out with minimal noise and disruption – as being a tenanted building, there were other occupants and neighbouring businesses to consider.

    After the existing layout was removed, we moved on to the detailed design stages. The client decided on the installation of a more modern suspended metal ceiling with integrated services and lighting. Such an installation is stylish and visually pleasing, but it’s quite a challenge when working in a triangular shaped building with rounded corners! Luckily, both our design and build teams thrive on such challenges, and as you can see, the photos of the completed installation speak for themselves.

    A large part of the project was to upgrade the WC’s and staff areas – more and more often, we are noticing that owners of office buildings are paying more attention to such things, because they’re well aware that employers are becoming increasingly more attentive to their employees comfort and wellbeing. Paying extra attention to such details can be a worthwhile investment when it comes to securing new tenants in the future.

    The project also involved repairing the raised access floor and generally redecorating throughout and refurbishing the common areas. The decor was kept neutral and bright, again with a view to being as versatile and appealing as possible to a variety of different businesses. A high standard was maintained throughout to complete a highly polished, professional space, ready to be viewed by potential new occupants.

    The team at Amspec were able to deliver a high quality result, on time, and on budget without disrupting the existing tenants in the building.

    Whatever stage your building or refurbishment project is at, we can help do the same for you.

    We don’t just work for our clients; we work with them, to make their ideas into tangible realities. Talk to us today about how Amspec can help you achieve the results you want.

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    Meet the Team: say Hello to Dave Price


    At Amspec, we’re able to deliver to the best bespoke design and build solutions because we have the best people working as part of our team. The team is made of talented, passionate people who are outstanding in their particular areas of expertise, and who all genuinely care about creating an exceptional experience for our customers.

    We caught up with Dave Price, our Joinery Workshop Manager for a chat about his role at Amspec.

    Can you tell us a bit about your background, did you always want to work in the building and design industry?
    I’ve always been interested in woodwork and studied Carpentry & Joinery via City and Guilds at Wigan College.

    How long have you worked for Amspec, and how did you originally join the team?
    I’ve worked at Amspec for just over 10years now, I saw an advert in the local newspaper for Joiners so I applied, was interviewed and got the job! I worked my way up to Workshop Manager and I haven’t looked back, it’s a great company to work for.

    Tell us a bit about a typical ‘day in the life’ as Joinery Workshop Manager
    My day in the Workshop is generally very busy. There is such a varied selection of clients and projects, meaning there's a huge amount of different products to manufacture, which definitely keeps each day interesting!

    What is your favourite thing about working at Amspec? What makes it such a great company to work for?
    My work colleagues are a good bunch to be with every day - it's a great team to be part of. Plus we have great management and the variety of my work keeps me wanting more!

    What’s the most exciting Amspec project you’ve been involved with to date?
    A couple of years ago I was involved in a project in Manchester called Doubletake Studios. This is a photography studio and Amspec were appointed to carry out a complete interior fit out and refurbishment of the studio. From design to completion – this project was fantastic.
    I also enjoyed working on a huge bespoke reception counter for The Playfactore in Manchester. The counter was approx. 50ft do it was a big job, but I loved the challenge.

    Outside of work, what do you love to do to keep busy?
    I love socialising with friends, having days out and carrying out DIY tasks on my house.

    Whatever sort of project you're planning - whether it's a brand new design and build from scratch, or the refurbishment of an existing space, there are lots of ways that Dave and his team can use their skills to take your results to the next level. From stylish booth seating installations, to bespoke furniture that's exclusive to you, Dave and his team in our onsite workshop have the equipment and the experience to make your dreams a reality.

    Get in touch today to see how you can put Amspec to work for you.

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    Why is Booth Seating such Big News?


    At Amspec, our clients are as varied as the design and build solutions we deliver. Our portfolio includes projects in both commercial and corporate sectors, from office suites to education settings and plenty in between. With such a diverse range of clients to cater to, we have a broad knowledge of what's 'in vougue' in each given area. That said, there are some interiors trends which make such an impact on the design industry that they become a popular choice across the board. One such trend, is booth seating.

    Booth seating is very big news right now, for a number of reasons. Firstly, it has massive aesthetic appeal. It looks stylish, modern and welcoming.When a business owner has the opportunity to design and build their offices from scratch, they will obviously aim to create the most contemporary and attractive result their budget allows with a view to impressing prospective clients and providing a positive work environment for their employees. Booth seating can help accomplish a modern, chic look that ticks all of those boxes and is also flexible in terms of cost.

    Similarly, booth seating is becoming an increasingly popular addition to office refurbishment projects. Landlords of office suites and buildings see it as an investment – it helps them offer the high end commercial interior design that Manchester and Liverpool businesses find so appealing. Installing such a desirable feature into their space makes it instantly more attractive, it's an easy way of gaining an edge on the competition when it comes to inspiring companies to sign a new lease. High profile complexes, such as Media City in Manchester, are perfect examples of how stylish booth seating can be used to enhance and elevate a space. Booth seating is essentially a design feature in itself, and can be as attractive a selling point as high ceilings and plenty of natural light.

    Booth seating is much more than a pretty face though, it’s also incredibly functional and beneficial in a number of scenarios. As the ‘de-constructed’ office continues to gain momentum, more and more businesses are moving away from the traditional office set up – rows of desks, cubicles, and formal work stations are becoming old fashioned and outdated. Business owners are more focused on their employees comfort at work, knowing that happy, comfortable staff members are more productive and efficient. Booth seating can help to create informal, comfortable, yet still very functional work areas which inspire collaboration among colleagues and essentially, contribute to a happier, more effective workplace.

    Many clients come to us aware of the benefits of collaborative work spaces, but unsure as to how they could work in their own space. Since we design and build such solutions on site in our workshop, we’re well equipped to advise and inspire. Being as we are effectively two companies in one, at Amspec we can also design and build bespoke booth seating to your own specifications - we’re currently working with United Utilities to do just that.

    Of course the many benefits of communal areas designed to promote collaborations, creative thinking and brainstorming are not just useful in office settings. When Manchester authorities are planning new school and college buildings, the perks of installing booth seating are equally appealing. Collaborative, shared work spaces are as useful as they are stylish and pleasing to students and teaching staff alike. These informal, comfortable spaces lend themselves to meetings, research sessions and study, as well as being the perfect place for socialising too.

    In short, if you’re planning a bespoke design and build Manchester project of any sort, booth seating is definitely worth considering. By working it into your final design, you’ll add style, functionality and a valuable asset to your space. Talk to us today about how booth seating can work in and benefit your space.

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    How eco-friendly is your office?


    Last year very much saw the rise of the ‘eco-office’ in businesses throughout the UK, and it’s a trend that looks set to only increase in popularity in 2015. The office refurbishment Manchester businesses want needs to not only look great and be functional, it needs to be sustainable and show the company’s awareness of being eco-friendly too.

    As one of the interior design companies Manchester businesses turn to for their office fit out solutions, here at Amspec we know all about the benefits of embracing eco-friendly design. Research by The World Green Building Council showed ‘overwhelming evidence’ that an office’s design directly impacts on the health and productivity of the people who work there. In a nutshell, factors such as air quality, natural lighting and being able to see the outside world from the office, can all contribute to improving employee performance.

    It’s not a new idea that happy staff tend to work harder and be more productive, but many businesses may not have considered the benefits of ‘embracing nature’ to encourage the concept. That’s where Amspec come in.

    We deliver the solutions in office design Manchester businesses need, whilst also offering insight into design trends that they may not have even considered. We feel that our job is about much more than just providing the perfect bespoke office furniture Manchester professionals crave, it’s about creating a fully functioning space that promotes productivity in the workplace.

    Obviously, relocating your office to the heart of the countryside so that your employees can enjoy views of rolling hills and plenty of fresh air is not very practical, but there are plenty of simpler ways to adopt ‘green living’ ideas into your business place, even in the heart of the city. Clever interior design tricks can help transform even the most industrial space into one that echoes the natural world. A neutral palette of earthy tones for example can make a space feel warmer, more inviting. Tactile soft furnishings and organic fabrics help to create work stations that are as comfortable as they are functional. Natural rather than manmade materials for furniture can help build on the idea. An indoor water feature can create a serene space, especially teamed with a little greenery to ‘bring the outdoors in’.

    The eco-office concept is about more than just aesthetics though – by adopting ideas such as energy saving light bulbs, conserving energy, maximising natural light and using recycled materials, your green office can help save your business money as well as make it.

    Whatever your budget, it’s absolutely possible to make your office space more eco-friendly and ultimately, more cost effective. If your bespoke design and build Manchester project is still at the planning stage, we’d be delighted to work with you on ideas to work eco-friendly principles into your space. We will help you to create a design that ticks all of your boxes as well as providing a sustainable, comfortable workspace for your employees to flourish in.

    Get in touch today and see how we can turn your ideas into a reality.

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    How can the de-constructed office work for you?


    At Amspec, we know that our clients are looking for the freshest new designs, put together in a way that works for them. We’re a design led company, and our in house creative team pride themselves in staying on top of emerging trends and working them into solutions for our clients that are as practical as they are stylish.

    One such trend is the rise of the ‘de-constructed office’ – an idea where the traditional ‘white box’ office format is turned on its head to create a space that’s bespoke, functional and efficient. 

    It’s fair to say that old fashioned offices with stark interiors, clean lines, artificial lighting and a distinct lack of personality have mostly had their day. The commercial office design Liverpool businesses want now, is all about bespoke designs, favouring natural materials, embracing exposed brick and visible ventilation systems as design features and ultimately, creating a space that is full of character and style. De-constructed designs offer the office fit-out Liverpool business owners crave, with stylish good looks and plenty of ways to increase business productivity too.

    We’re great believers in working closely with our clients at every stage of the office fit-out process, so that we know exactly what their finished design needs to achieve. Our creative team are experts in coming up with solutions that work, and our construction team have all the knowhow and technology needed to make those ideas a reality.

    That’s exactly what we did for Sticky Eyes, a cutting edge digital marketing agency. We undertook the design and fit-out of their offices within a Bruntwood building in Leeds.

    Being a creative design company themselves, it was obvious that Sticky Eyes needed us to deliver a space that reflected their own creative flair, as well as one which would excite and enhance the skills of their staff.
    Before the project started, the building was tired and run down, stripped back to its ‘bare bones’. Sticky Eyes wanted a design with an Industrial/Urban feel to reflect their contemporary style, so the first decision was to maintain the exposed original brick work and concrete floors, working them into the new design rather than creating a brand new ‘white box blank canvas’, which would have been passé and not at all fitting with the Sticky Eyes brand.

    The new lighting and other electrics we installed were left exposed, and further enhanced by teaming them with additional feature lighting in a bespoke design. The exposed electrical routing was transformed into a unique design feature by combining insulated fan coil units with swirl diffusers.

    In terms of layout, the office space was kept as open plan and spacious as possible, incorporating all the different areas the client requested. Sticky Eyes also wanted to make the most of all the available natural light, so plenty of window seating was included in such a way that it’s very adaptable – able to be used as space for meetings, work stations, or just somewhere inspiring for employees to have lunch.

    With regards to decor, neutral walls and exposed beams help to balance out the industrial style ceilings, while natural wood floors and plenty of greenery expand on the idea of ‘bringing the outdoors in’ to further soften this urban industrial interior.
    The entire project was completed in an 8 week period and included both Cat A & B works over approximately 7,000sqft floor plate, all within an occupied building.

    If you’re dreaming of a de-constructed office fit-out for your business, or just want to know how it could benefit you, get in touch with us, whatever stage you’re at. Our design and build teams are full of fantastic ideas that will transform your ‘white box’ office into something far more representative of your business brand.

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    Amspec in the Community


    Here at Amspec, we believe that it’s not just what we do that sets us apart from our peers, it’s how we do it. We are essentially two companies in one – a talented design team working alongside a skilled construction company, both working together to offer full service capability. We own our own property and our own assets, meaning that not only can we deliver cutting edge design, from the bespoke office furniture Manchester business owners crave to solutions for the complete office fit out Liverpool company directors dream of, but we can also take complete ownership and responsibility of your project, from start to finish.

    To position ourselves as one of the top fit out companies Manchester businesses turn to, we believe that being part of the business community as a whole is key. By getting to know the businesses in the area, we’re able to get a better understanding of how they work and what they need.

    We’re also very proud to support a number of different worthy causes within the community – obviously because it’s a great feeling to be able to help with their fantastic work, but also because those charities are a vital part of our business community as a whole.

    One such worthy cause is Cast North West, who offer education through angling to vulnerable young people in the area. Project coordinator Neil Farnworth started Cast North West in 2006 by simply offering fishing days to local young people. The project has gone from strength to strength ever since, covering not only fishing but also horticulture and fisheries management, while employing 7 full time staff and a number of volunteers to provide opportunities and support to 90 young people a week. We recently donated several tonnes of hardcore to the charity to help with an ongoing project, and look forward to seeing their success continue.

    Another local business we’re delighted to work with is The Bruntwood Charity. We recently attended their ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ event at The Grill on New York Street in Manchester, which raised over £15,000 to support Manchester charities OnSide Youth Zone & The Factory Youth Zone. The Factory Youth Zone, based in North Manchester, runs a wide range of initiatives and activities from mentoring schemes, to boxing, DJ and theatre skills for young people in the area. The fundraiser had a fantastic result, and was a brilliant evening to be part of. We also attended Bruntwood’s Liverpool event, a ‘curry & quiz night’ which was another great night – it’s a pleasure to help raise much needed funds for such worthy local causes.

    We believe that our involvement with so many fantastic local businesses and charities gives us an even greater insight into how businesses work and what they need from us to do it. We thrive on the challenge of getting things just right for each individual client, and we’ll continue striving to be the go to firm for the office fit out Liverpool and Manchester companies want. We’ll keep delivering the best results, on time, and on budget, and while we do, we’ll carry on trying to help make a difference to the bigger picture too.

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    Design Trends for The Modern Office


    Many clients we work with are looking to create unique, stylish interiors that not only look good, but increase productivity in their workplace too. They come to us because they know that at Amspec, while we are very much design led and industry aware, we also know that a design trend is only worth looking at if it’s functional too.

    We’re well aware that the modern business world is constantly evolving and changing, and so too is the way that people work. Traditional office set ups with individual desks and work stations are becoming something of an antique – of course they still work perfectly well in certain situations, but more often than not, they need to be at least integrated with other ideas.

    Open plan spaces have been big design news in cool office environments Liverpool businesses create for some time now, and as business models adapt to become more about idea sharing and working collaborations, so too has the business office to reflect this. Desks are being arranged to promote people brainstorming together, to allow teams within a larger office to pool their ideas, share communal resources more easily and so on.

    Of course within those open plan office interiors Manchester business people love, some privacy may still be needed from time to time, You may have seen for yourself the cool office design Manchester firms are embracing, known as the Take Up soft seating system. It basically allows the designer to create a private booth within the main space, combining low benches and high backed sofa style seating to create a spacious and comfortable, yet private meeting area.

    At Amspec, we’re always looking to improve upon already impressive design trends, to consistently produce the office design Liverpool companies want to stay ahead of their competitors, and the addition of monitors and screens to a stylish Take Up Soft Seating installation certainly ticks all the boxes. The technology can be fully integrated and easily adapts from being set up for a single user to collaborative groups. The design is so versatile and effective that it makes a fantastic solution in education environments as well as the office interior design Manchester business owners crave.

    This extension to the existing Take Up soft seating system means that it can now function as much more than a comfortable meeting area, the integrated technology and monitors make it an ideal solution to the ever changing workplace, where business trends are increasingly meaning a move away from traditional desk set ups. And of course the fact it’s so stylish and customisable only makes it more appealing to incorporate into the cool office design Manchester businesses want. The sleek ergonomic shape is comfortable and eye catching; the choice of colours and fabrics is huge, meaning the seating can be tailored to your own bespoke design, fitting with your brand’s style and corporate image.

    The Take Up Soft Seating installation is available to view at both our Northern and Southern showrooms, so please do get in touch if you’d like to check it out in person, and speak to one of our design team about how our knowledge of this and so many other current design trends can help transform your space.

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    Bespoke is Best


    When it comes to making your mark on the business world, looks are important. That is to say, the place your company does business needs to look the part. 

    Whether your company operates from an office suite, a restaurant, a retail unit or something else entirely, every element of your space’s design should be carefully considered to ensure it reflects the style and personality of your brand, is functional in terms of your employees needs and ultimately, presents the best possible first impression to your customers and clients.

    Let’s say your company is office based, and those offices need to house various teams of staff as well as provide meeting rooms to welcome your clients. Do you want your space to be filled with the same, standard issue office furniture Manchester businesses have been using for decades, or do you want it to be furnished with stylish, unique pieces that reflect your business style? The answer is simple – bespoke is best! Bespoke designs set your company apart from the competition and make your clients aware that you take pride in all you do. Bespoke design suggests luxury and quality, an eye for detail – all the sort of things you want associated with your business!

    We recently completed a project involving bespoke furniture for the Plaza Business Lounge – the attention to detail and unique elements all helped to elevate the completed design, making it really shine and exceed the client’s expectations, as well as providing a stylish setting that will inspire their own clients going forward.

    Perhaps you have a unique vision for your business space based on your company’s ethos? When we worked with All About Food Ltd, Phil Lynas, their Managing Director described his firm as “a company where family is key” – meaning colleagues families and colleagues as family. Clearly, the standard sort of office furniture Liverpool units are often filled with, was not going to hit the mark! We delivered a bespoke environment with a unique ‘village feel’ to the office setting. One that was eye catching , quirky and entirely in keeping with the company’s style, but also functional and equipped to deal with all their business needs.

    The beauty of bespoke design, is that it's so versatile. From creating a desk designed to accommodate a specific group of people, to branding your office decor in your corporate colours, to small but effective touches such as colourful light fittings, each and every element can be entirely customised to suit your style.

    Providing the solutions in bespoke design and build Liverpool companies need is our passion. At Amspec, we know that bespoke is best. We know that it helps businesses to make their mark, to reflect their brand and show their clients they are the best at what they do.
    We also know the importance of delivering high quality fit outs, the bespoke design and build Manchester firms require needs to be rich in quality workmanship, but also offer excellent value for money. At Amspec, our design and build teams work closely together, utilising their shared expertise and our extensive technology, from our spray booth to our onsite workshop to deliver exactly that. High quality, bespoke designs, on time and above expectation. 

    Talk to us today about how we can tailor a bespoke design and build solution that works for your company. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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    Inspiring the office refurbishment Liverpool businesses want


    The team here at Amspec have a huge amount of experience in making run down offices look like new, having already delivered many solutions for the office refurbishment Liverpool businesses need. As a city, Liverpool is thriving and full of life in the business sector – new start ups and long established firms alike choose to call it home thanks to its fantastic location, its reputation, networking potential and many other reasons.

    Liverpool is a rich and diverse melting pot for business, with a real community feel in that there is always somewhere to turn for advice and support, whether your trading in communications, entertainment, sports, finance or any other industry. Variety is very much the spice of life when it comes to the business world in Liverpool.

    With so many businesses looking to make a name for themselves, healthy competition between old favourites, new start ups looking to find their place in the industry, it can be overwhelming to try and set yourself apart from your competitors. It’s vital for each company to stand out from the crowd, and given the increasingly visual world we’re all working in, a firm’s offices appearance can be as important as its employees! 

    The place you do business should be a direct reflection of your business and brand. Of course a gleaming new multi-storey build is unlikely to be within budget for a new business, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of what you do have. In fact, we receive many enquiries about the office refurbishment Liverpool businesses need for that very reason – a run-down office may be all their budget stretches to, but they know that with help from Amspec, it can be transformed into something far more impressive.

    They’re absolutely right too, because with our talented in house design team on hand to offer advice and inspiration, whatever office refurbishment budget you do have can do a lot more to improve your space than you might think.
    Perhaps you’re looking to gut the entire space and put your own stamp on it? We’ll help with everything from colours that suit your brand to layout ideas that make the most of every square inch. Maybe your office layout is fine, you’re just looking to ‘make it over’, we’ll devise a plan to breathe new life, and more importantly, your brand’s personality into your office.

    We work closely with each of our clients and treat them as the individuals they are – we like to get a real feel for your brand before we start, so that we can deliver concepts that suit your company’s style, as well as ideas that are practical and functional to help your business grow.
    Our design team know all about what’s on trend, they know the value of bespoke pieces to pack your space full of personality, they understand the importance of branding and incorporating your corporate colours and logos throughout the design. In short, they know what works, and with your input, they’ll deliver solutions that will exceed your expectations.

    What’s even better, is that at Amspec, we offer a full service, from design to completed build. Our design and building teams work closely with one another, cutting out delays and streamlining the whole process from start to finish. Our teams are a well oiled machine who will take complete responsibility for your project – they’re the people who make sure we keep offering the office refurbishment Liverpool companies want, on time and on budget.

    We’re an industry aware, design led company, delivering office interiors Liverpool businesses dream of. If your office space is letting you down, take action and get in touch to find out why we’re the name in office refurbishment Liverpool professionals trust.

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    Delivering the office refurbishment Manchester businesses want.


    At Amspec, we have a wealth of experience when it comes to office refurbishment, particularly as a provider of solutions in office refurbishment Manchester businesses need. The city of Manchester is undoubtedly a very special and unique location for business, which is why it continues to be such a popular choice for new and established companies alike.

    Indeed, Manchester is arguably the original home of business in the UK – it was the first truly industrial city and even the birthplace of the computer. Perhaps what really sets it apart, is the sheer diversity and volume of the many businesses that call Manchester home – with just about every industry covered, from retail to music, and sport to communications.

    Of course with so many businesses calling Manchester home, there is certainly plenty of healthy competition among companies in similar industries – true of well established firms and new start ups alike. So how does a company get an edge on their competitors in such a densely populated market? One way, is of course to make sure that your offices look the part as well they do their job.

    In the increasingly visually motivated world we live in, looks are important. If a potential client visits your office for a meeting, and your surroundings are shabby and rundown, chances are your competitor with the on trend modern office suite might beat you to the deal – even if your prices and services are superior.

    Your offices should reflect your brand and make the best possible first impression. Obviously, we know that not all small start ups, or even bigger, more established companies have the budget to invest in a brand new build, and more often than not, it’s office refurbishment Manchester professionals want our advice on, rather than building from scratch.

    The good news, is that with the talented in house design team at Amspec taking care of your project, your refurbishment budget can go much further than you might think to creating a stylish, contemporary new look to suit your style, as well as providing an efficient, functional space to do business.

    For example, if you have inherited an old fashioned or run down commercial property, we can help to give it a whole new lease of life. We make it our business to keep an eye on design trends for the modern office, and with careful planning, a creative designer and a skilled building team, we can work wonders to transform a dilapidated disaster into an on trend office suite to impress your clients. We aim to deliver the top quality office refurbishment Manchester companies require, on time and on budget.

    We are an industry aware and design led company. Our portfolio of satisfied customers is full of diversity, and we thrive on the challenge of creating the office interiors Manchester businesses dream of. We know that each company is different, with different styles and their own specific needs. We work with you to really understand what you want from your space and design solutions to make it happen.
    Whether you’re looking for a modern office with an open plan design and collaborative work spaces, or a more traditional set up with private offices and meeting rooms, our team will use their extensive experience to create a bespoke solution that works for you, and utilises your budget to its full potential.

    So don’t let your offices let you down. Get in touch today and find out how your business can benefit from the office refurbishment Manchester company directors are raving about.

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    Amspec at work: Space to Play!


    Here at Amspec, we definitely believe in variety being the spice of life, which is part of the reason we never want to pigeonhole what we do. We love the diversity our clients bring to us with their bespoke design and build requirements and we thrive on the challenge that each different project presents.

    Projects where the ‘end users’ of our design are destined to be children come with their own unique set of challenges, and are also a lot of fun creatively. Whereas an office refurbishment may be quite rigid in terms of what has to be included, a play area is generally much more flexible. From school classroom design to bespoke outdoor play areas, we have worked with a number of Manchester and Liverpool education sector design clients to provide building solutions that work the way children need them to.

    We’ve also worked with Play Factore to fit out their fantastic play space at Trafford Park, located underneath the UK’s longest indoor ski & snowboard slope, the Chill Factore. The number one priority when designing such a space is safety, the well being of the children it’s designed for is obviously paramount. At the same time though, the finished product needed to be as colourful and attractive as it was functional and safe.

    The completed design included laser tag, incorporated party rooms, a zipwire, a go-carting track, the largest play frame in Europe and the world’s tallest indoor slide. The result is a fantastic child friendly space that is fun, challenging, exciting, and innovative and of course, it looks great too.

    The Play Factore project had to be completed to a very strict schedule in line with the facility’s opening day, and our team at Amspec worked to deliver exceptional results, on time and on budget. One of the benefits of having our own in house teams of both designers and manufacturers is that our ‘all under one roof’ style of business means we can streamline and more efficiently manage a project from start to finish.

    We are proud to be an innovative provider of education sector design Manchester & Liverpool authorities need. We can design and build solutions for education sector refurbishment, for outdoor public play parks, for indoor play areas integrated into shopping centres and everything in between.

    Whether the brief is for outdoor play areas or indoor school classroom design, our team can offer ideas, inspiration and of course their own expertise. Our in house design team have a wealth of experience in designing child friendly spaces and extensive technical knowledge to ensure that safety standards are always top priority.

    When it’s school design Liverpool developers have on their mind, or any other education sector design Manchester councils need advice on, here at Amspec we want to be the first construction company you turn to. Whatever stage your project is at, we’d be delighted to hear from you and offer advice on how to move forward. Take a look at what our clients have to say, then please do get in touch.

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    Our New Spray Booth – Keeping Your Project On Trend, On Site


    At Amspec, we’re always looking for new ways to make our business stand out from the crowd, and we’re passionate about investing in ourselves to ensure we’re always able to produce the best results and exceed our clients’ expectations

    Owning our own manufacturing base and our own assets, as well as our own property housing our expert design team, means we’re able to deliver a fully integrated service for your project.

    From an initial consultation about the suitability of your existing building through to bespoke design and build solutions, all the way to relocation management if required, we’ve got you covered. Our way of working allows direct collaboration between our design and build teams – which from your point of view, as our client, means exceptional results, improved timescales, cost effective solutions and a much smoother process for your project overall.

    Our onsite workshop is already a huge part of what sets us apart from our competitors. It allows us to produce those truly innovative and bespoke designs we’ve become so well known for. We understand that you want your new build or your re-design to stand out from the rest, and we’re determined to help you make it happen.

    That’s why we’re delighted to have added to our workshop’s capabilities with a brand new state of the art spray booth. We made the decision to invest in our own on site spraying facility as a way to further improve our production capabilities. It complements our existing in house joinery shop, and allows our craftsmen to take complete ownership of their work from start to finish, in turn saving our clients time and money.

    Plus of course, with cutting edge design that looks as good as it functions at the heart of everything we do, the new spray booth allows us even more freedom to produce the unique style each of our clients want for their project. Obviously there’s a whole rainbow of colour to choose from, but we’re also able to produce exciting finishes, special effects and patterns, even control the level of gloss finish, ultimately resulting in a finished piece made exactly to our client’s specifications.

    The addition of our new spray paint technology means that more than ever we can take responsibility of your design, build and installation from start to finish, controlling quality and ensuring price and deadlines are always on target.

    We’re looking forward to utilising our newest addition in more bespoke design solutions this year. As ever, we thrive on the challenges our clients set us, and pride ourselves on offering our full service capabilities to businesses and developers from any and all industries.

    We don’t believe in pigeon holing our services – great design is universal, regardless of industry, so whether you’re a developer looking at refurbishing stylish office suites for recruitment agencies, or a local authority representative looking for inspiration for a new play area in an educational setting, please do get in touch to find out how Amspec can deliver results that will make your project a huge success.



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    Frodsham Youth Club


    Dear Andrew,

    A very, very big thank you to you and your staff.

    You have a given so generously of your time, skill and finance to provide our kitchen and cafe areas with a much needed upgrade and refit. Without your generosity this wouldn’t have happened.

    The benefits have been immediate. Duke of Edinburgh Award participants have been developing catering skills, so too other youth groups and members of Rainbow (young adults with a range of disabilities). The Cafe service is so much better. This enhanced use has been matched by much improved care for hygiene and cleanliness.

    In short, your Amspec contribution has given the work of Frodsham Youth Association a terrific boost at a time when public funds are increasingly difficult to access.

    From all our 150+ users, youth leader team and voluntary support staff, repeated, heartfelt thanks.

    A very happy Christmas and New Year to you all.

    Your sincerely,

    Simon Taylor
    Chair: Frodsham Youth Association

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    Multi-purpose, Maximum Potential: Making the most of your space.


    Here at Amspec, we know that premises are at the heart of a business’ success. Whether that means an office complex, retail shop, a cafe or something entirely different, your space needs to work for your business to thrive.

    However, we also know that with rents and property prices remaining consistently high, it’s not always possible for a business to have as much space as they might like. Indeed many of our bespoke design and build Manchester clients are choosing to make their spaces multi-purpose, to maximise the potential of every square inch, and we love helping them to do so!

    The evolution of interior spaces has been ongoing for some time now, and we believe it’s a good thing – not only in terms of getting the most value for your rent money, but also with regards to increasing productivity within your own business.

    In modern offices for example, the function of each room within a complex is less rigidly defined than in years gone by. A well designed simple, yet functional room can be equipped to serve as anything from a meeting room to a training room as and when required. As an example, a smaller company which generally promotes from within its own team probably has no need for a dedicated interview room, but can easily create one on an ad-hoc basis in the chic, simple board room they usually use for presentations.

    Open plan working areas have become a popular choice too as there are many advantages to open plan designs. Obviously, a lack of walls means more space for desks; storage and shared use of resources, but open plan offices can also lead to a greater sense of community within your staff and consequently encourage team work, sharing ideas and so on. Open plan offices can often feel more spacious and welcoming too, so they’re ideal if you need to be able to play host to your customers. Perhaps your bespoke interior design could encompass a ‘waiting room’ style area with comfortable seating and more personalised decor – which could double as an alternative staff room when not in use?

    This new attitude to office interior design has seen many businesses move to new locations, or at least re-vamp their existing ones. Moving your operations to a whole new location can be stressful, of course, but when it’s done properly, it is certainly worth the effort! Whether you plan to indulge in a completely new bespoke design and build, or are simply planning an existing interior refurbishment, the impact on your business can be huge. We are proud to deliver the office relocation Liverpool businesses really want. We know that no two businesses are the same, and as such we treat each of our clients as unique projects, with their own requirements and specifications. We work closely with them to make sure the space we design doesn’t just look great, it works the way they want it to. From layouts through to the office furniture Liverpool companies need, our attention to detail makes sure your space always achieves its maximum potential.

    We love to provide the interior refurbishment Manchester businesses are looking for. Whether it’s a classic, functional look or a cutting edge contemporary style, we plan interior design Manchester businesses love.

    If you’re planning to revamp your business space this year, get in touch with us to talk about design solutions that are as functional as they are stylish. Let us help give your work space a sustainable, stylish makeover that will boost your business as well as your aesthetics!

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    New Year, New Technology, New Challenges!


    Although it feels like 2015 is well and truly in full swing already, here at Amspec, we’re still focussing on all things new.

    We take an immense amount of pride in our work, and the dawn of a new year only inspires us to take on new challenges. Our portfolio is already diverse; from providing the cutting edge office design Liverpool businesses are looking for and the solutions in commercial refurbishment Manchester retailers need, right through to bespoke design and build projects in the education sector.

    We thrive on the challenge of producing truly unique design and build fit-outs for our clients, and to do that, we make sure we’ve always got a finger on the pulse of our industry’s technology. Last year we were lucky enough to work with Citylabs, which for us meant a landmark push on the technical side of our business. In their own words, Citylabs is ‘a hub for biomedical innovation and excellence’. As well as retail space, meeting rooms, exhibition venues and lecture halls, Citylabs provide their clients with research & development laboratories, giving us a great opportunity to build and extend on our in house knowledge.

    Designs made for use in medical settings, or any other scientific applications, obviously have different, often more complex and specific requirements than let’s say the interior design of a new office building, but it’s that sort of challenge that makes us tick. It drives us to keep abreast of what’s happening across the board in the design and building industries, to keep our own knowledge current and expanding so that we can continue to deliver the innovative results we’ve become known for.

    As part of our own commitment to continue growing and learning, we’re also becoming members of The Chartered Institute of Building this year. We hope that the CIOB will help to boost our ambition as a business further, inspire us to investigate new efforts in sustainability, motivate us to push our innovative ideas even further, and of course make new connections to widen our client base.

    We also plan to keep up our charity work this year. In 2014 we were delighted to work with The Factory Youth Zone in Manchester where we donated a youth club fit out which has been thoroughly enjoyed since! We also loved working with Claire House Hospice at Christmas, and we’re going to continue making rocking horses for charity too. Being able to give back to our local community is a real privilege, and we look forward to doing more this year.

    Our goal for 2015 is to be the go to provider of bespoke design and build solutions across Liverpool and Manchester. Whatever stage your project is at, we can help. We have the advantage of owning our own property, and with our own onsite workshop and manufacturing base, all run by our talented and experienced team, we can offer cost effective, innovative design solutions to any and all sorts of clients.

    So whether your 2015 plans include launching a new micro brewery, refurbishing an office space to be home to a new recruitment firm or even fitting out a new play area in a school setting, get in touch with us to see what Amspec can do for you. We’ll be delighted to hear from you, and we’re looking forward to helping all of our clients, old and new to make 2015 their best year yet!

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    Distinctive style for Crest Medical


    For over 20 years Crest Medical has been a leading name in the UK First Aid and Medical Supplies market. Providing a range of first aid, medical and pharmaceutical products for occupational health and first aid professionals, to the retail first aid market and distributors.

    Amspec where appointed to undertake the Design & Build Package for Crest’s new Headquarters Building in Warrington. The vacant Building was originally constructed in the 1980’s and comprised both office accommodation and warehousing.

    Amspec’s Design team worked closely with Crest to evolve a solution which maximised the buildings potential; whilst taking the opportunity to foster New flexible ways of working. The space is enhanced by bold colour choices on the floor, artificial hedges and unique graphics; creating a space with a “distinctive style,” something which was requested initially by the MD Alistair Maxwell.

    The project was fast-tracked in order to meet the clients timeframes. Works were successfully delivered within a 6 week programme.
    The works included:- 
Stripout works, Mechanical & Electrical works, power & Data New Washrooms, Construction of new partitioning, new finishes and decoration, suspended ceilings, new flooring, redecoration, Supply and installation of new furniture, Supply and installation of Bespoke Furniture elements.

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    Euroforce people solutions


    Euroforce People Solutions is a, international recruitment consultancy. Providing temporary and permanent candidates within Furniture & Textiles, Retail, Rail, Engineering & Construction, Manufacturing & Industrial and Professional sectors.

    Amspec undertook a Fast track Design and Build solution, to create a new Headquarters for Euroforce. The site was originally a series of small self-contained industrial units which were knocked through to form one large space.

    The works commenced when the building was at shell stage which enabled Cat A & Cat B Fit-out to be managed simultaneously reducing the overall programme.

    Amspec’s Design team worked closely with Euroforce to evolve a solution which maximised the buildings potential; whilst taking the opportunity to foster “New ways of working” for their project teams. “The space has a real Buzz which is helped by the open plan layout and dynamic design.”

    The works included:-

    Installing New Windows, installation of new services including A/C, Fire Alarm, Intruder Alarm, Power & Data. Construction of new partitioning, new finishes and decoration, suspended ceilings. Supply and installation of Bespoke Furniture elements.

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    High quality designed space


    D energi, a onestop energy solution provider to the commercial market place. Appointed Amspec to Design and fit-out their new Headquarters building within Manchester.

    Great importance was placed on achieving a high quality designed space within a tightly controlled budget.

    Bright colours were selected for the soft seating with bold graphics applied to feature walls. Central to the space was the staff breakout space and its gaming zone. 

    Included within the general fit out works, Amspec also supplied all the furniture for the end users.

    Director Zico Ahmed, commended Amspec on their support & direct during the project, in particular their ability to encompass ongoing changes and requests during the works.

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    A fresh and bright attitude


    Amspec were invited to competitively provide a design solution for the full refurbishment of Printsearch’s existing Head Office building. Prinsearch themselves are a leading design company within the media industry. After successfully being awarded the project we carried out lengthy internal consultations to ensure the creativity and image of printsearch was captured in the final product. Then a detailed programme was devised to allow the client to remain within the building, the works be phased over 2 floors.

    The building was originally constructed in circa 1980 with a wealth of cables and redundant services acting as an album to the technology advances through the decades. Amspec successfully identified live supplies and redundant services allowing for the stripout to continue whilst not effecting the companies operation.

    Through the process we delivered comprehensive alterations and additions to the specification to meet the clients requests. Working with the client to co-produce and install substantial graphic imagery to reflect their client base and image.

    "Having worked closely with Amspec and there commercial team over the past 6 months I can highly recommend their services. We went through a process of reviewing 3 possible companies, Amspec were 'head and shoulders' above the others; and this made our decision to award the contract to them easier!

    Amspec are currently refurbishing our office space to a very high standard, they have worked frivolously from concept stage accommodating all our requests and operational needs to deliver a design that has surpassed expectations.

    With a fresh and bright attitude to delivering an intricate and detailed build with little disruption to our day to day activities. They are approachable, professional and flexible to our needs."

    Andrew Large, Finance Director, Print Search

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    Creative thinking and innovation


    Sticky Eyes are a cutting edge digital marketing agency.

    Combining creative thinking with innovation, creating solutions for some of the world’s biggest brands. For this reason it was of great importance that the Design and execution of their new offices were delivered to create a space that could excite and enhance the skills of their staff.

    Amspec were therefore appointed to undertake the Fitout of Sticky Eyes offices, located within a Bruntwood Building in Leeds.

    This tired dilapidated building was stripped back to the ‘bare bones,’ exposing original surfaces including the concrete floors. The design was to create an Industrial/Urban feel, new services were left exposed and harmonies were achieved with the installation of new feature lighting and manage the exposed routing of internally insulated fan coil units with swirl diffusers.

    This project was undertaken in an 8 week period and included both Cat A & B works over approximately 7,000sqft floor plate, all within an occupied building.

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    Amspec succeeds in recruiting


    After many years in King Street, Manchester Michael Page decided to relocate to 3 Hardman Square in Spinningfields. The recruitment firm enlisted Amspec to deliver the Build and Project management of their prestigious new office space.

    The project was Fastracked in order to achieve the client’s short timeframe. Amspec ensured regular meetings from the onset of the works, allowing for design changes to be incorporated as required; essential in such a fast moving project.

    This CAT B Fit-out included new Partitioning, Breakout spaces, Floor finishes, services, loose furniture, bespoke furniture, signage and unique manifestation graphics to the front of meeting rooms.

    The successful completion of this project furthers Amspec and its relationship with the building’s owners at 3 Hardman Square as well as continuing to put the company at the forefront of the Manchester office market.

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