Achieving the three ‘Rs’ in commercial building refurbishment


When it comes to commercial office refurbishment there are three important ‘Rs’ that every quality commercial interior refurbishment company should be more than competent with – refurbish, renovation and remodel. Here at Amspec we pride ourselves on delivering high quality commercial building refurbishment. We have years of experience successfully completing projects involving the crucial Rs in commercial interior refurbishment Lancashire and North West businesses can benefit from.

If you are about to embark on a commercial building refurbishment project or are involved in such a project and want to achieve the best possible results, take a look at what exactly the three Rs are and how to achieve them to a high standard.


A company’s office or commercial building is one of its biggest assets and promotors of it brand. Like fashion on the high street, commercial buildings can quickly become outdated, lacklustre and uninspiring. In order to prevent the unproductiveness of working and operating in an uninspiring environment, organisations of all sizes and niches often require an office refurbishment. The refurbishment ensures companies adhere to modern design trends, innovative technology and infrastructure and maintain a stylish and desirable place to work, which continues to impress employees, clients and visitors.

In short, office refurbishment is essential in order to keep a commercial building clean, bright, fresh and modern.

Here at Amspec we carry out high quality commercial building refurbishment North West organisations are proud of, by providing tailored solutions to an individual company’s requirements. We work with our clients each step of the way to ensure the refurbishment project is executed smoothly, on-time and to budget, with only the highest of results delivered.


The renovation of an office or commercial building requires the same level of diligence, experience and commitment. Commercial building renovation involves either restoring a building to a previous condition or restoring it to an even better condition. In order to achieve successful building renovation smart planning is crucial.

Again, by working with our clients not for them, Amspec’s design-led and end-to-end commercial building renovation services include in-depth research of our clients’ goals and solidifying their specific objectives. From the outset, we ask our clients crucial questions, including what are the factors driving the commercial interior renovation such as the need to update their infrastructure system, install new technology or to simply enhance the aesthetics of the work space.

For a renovation project to be successful, budgets must be mapped out from the start, as should timescales, both of which Amspec aims to religiously stick to in the commercial interior design and renovation work we carry out.


The final crucial ‘R’ is of course remodel. The remodelling of an office or commercial building involves changing, modifying or altering a building or space in some way.

Remodelling an interior gives an organisation the chance to improve the look, style and functionality of a building without having to invest heavily in an extensive and costlier renovation or refurbishment project.

Amspec has the necessary skills, tools, knowledge and experience to deliver high quality commercial building remodelling on-time, to budget and to an exceptionally high standard. 

If you are looking for an experienced commercial interior designer Manchester, Liverpool, Lancashire and North West companies can benefit from and enjoy, get in touch with the Amspec team, commercial interior design and refurbishment specialists.


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