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Here at Amspec, we love the diversity of the projects we undertake – from bespoke office furniture made to order, to commercial interior design solutions that reflect a company’s branding and image, we love working closely with our clients to get a real feel for what it is they want to achieve.

Sometimes the biggest challenge though, is to create a brand new layout with no particular occupant in mind. Where there are no specific requests, the challenge is to create a ‘blank canvas’ that will work well for a variety of businesses, but do so in such a way that the result is stylish and appealing, to inspire prospective tenants into signing on the dotted line of a new lease. That was the task in hand at Hardman Square, where we were successfully appointed to undertake a ‘CAT A’ fit-out on behalf of the Buildings Landlord, Muller investments Ltd.

Hardman square is a grade A office development located in the heart of Spinningfields, Manchester’s blossoming new financial and professional services business district. Being situated in such a beneficial area, nestled amongst top quality amenities from retail outlets through to restaurants and cafes, it’s no wonder that the building is regarded as such a prestigious office base for many companies.

The landlords requested a complete re-fit of the 8th floor, with the objective being to create a refreshed, contemporary interior and to leave the space ready for viewings by potential new occupants.

The first job was to completely strip out the 2,200 square metre space. This included removing the existing office, meeting room, a canteen, outdated suspended ceilings, floor finishes and service. The work had to be carried out with minimal noise and disruption – as being a tenanted building, there were other occupants and neighbouring businesses to consider.

After the existing layout was removed, we moved on to the detailed design stages. The client decided on the installation of a more modern suspended metal ceiling with integrated services and lighting. Such an installation is stylish and visually pleasing, but it’s quite a challenge when working in a triangular shaped building with rounded corners! Luckily, both our design and build teams thrive on such challenges, and as you can see, the photos of the completed installation speak for themselves.

A large part of the project was to upgrade the WC’s and staff areas – more and more often, we are noticing that owners of office buildings are paying more attention to such things, because they’re well aware that employers are becoming increasingly more attentive to their employees comfort and wellbeing. Paying extra attention to such details can be a worthwhile investment when it comes to securing new tenants in the future.

The project also involved repairing the raised access floor and generally redecorating throughout and refurbishing the common areas. The decor was kept neutral and bright, again with a view to being as versatile and appealing as possible to a variety of different businesses. A high standard was maintained throughout to complete a highly polished, professional space, ready to be viewed by potential new occupants.

The team at Amspec were able to deliver a high quality result, on time, and on budget without disrupting the existing tenants in the building.

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