Amspec at Work: Keeping our Workshop State of the Art


Here at Amspec, we’re incredibly proud of our onsite joinery workshop and the bespoke manufacturing it produces. We originally set it up to satisfy our desire to be in complete control of cost, quality and delivery times. Many of our clients projects are fast-track with very little margin for error and we wanted to be confident in delivering in style, on time and to budget. Our onsite workshop means we are in total control of the manufacturing process from start to finish, timing the final site installation to perfection.

Our outstanding team have a wealth of joinery knowledge and experience and we’re passionate about making sure they have access to the best technology and hardware to let them showcase their skills. The workshop is fully equipped to take on large or small volume orders, supplying our site-based installation teams with high the quality manufactured joinery that Amspec clients expect. We have invested heavily in state of the art Computer Aided CNC Machinery to provide a precise quality finish time after time.

We’ve recently invested in a new machine which will help us to continue delivering the outstanding results we’ve become known for – a HOLZ-HER Edgebander AURIGA 1308 XL. We were delighted to add this new machine to our workshop as it’s state of the art technology that will allow us to offer more bespoke design and build solutions than ever.

The HOLZ-HER Edgebander AURIGA is a perfect example of outstanding German engineering. It allows for automatic and complete processing of work pieces of up to 60mm thick, with three incorporated finishing units. It uses a diamond tip cutter as standard and provides invisible joints with glue jet thin film technology. Thanks to the highest degree of automation and the complete processing hybrid technology, this machine produces outstanding results that require no manual finishing, meaning we can deliver the finished product more efficiently.

The cutting edge technology allows for various edge profiles, corner rounding, post-formed profiles and much more besides. The diamond tipped tools ensure precision and reliability and the machines settings are variable to optimise how each feature can be utilised by our skilled UK craftsmen. In short, the HOLZ-HER Edgebander is an incredible machine that will allow us greater flexibility than ever before, meaning we can satisfy our client’s requirements better than ever too.

At Amspec we’re passionate about keeping up with new technologies that allow us to satisfy our client’s requests. This new machine is equipped to produce such a wide range of finishes with flawless invisible joints every time that the manufacturing possibilities are huge. We’re proud to offer the flexible, bespoke solutions our clients are looking for, and this fantastic machine will certainly help us keep doing just that.

Whatever stage your next project is at, talk to us today about how our joinery team can help make your design dreams into a sustainable, stylish reality. We don’t just work for our clients, we work with them to take their ideas and make them into something tangible – we have the technology and expertise to produce results that speak for themselves.


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