Amspec at work: Showcasing Sustainable Design


At Amspec, sustainable design and construction are at the heart of everything we do for our clients. Our sustainable approach not only benefits the planet in terms of conserving resources, but it’s also beneficial to the businesses we serve in a number of ways.

In a nutshell, sustainability in relation to Design and Construction means being able to provide durable, sustainable environments without compromising or depleting the earth’s resources. This approach demands consideration of the Environmental, Economic and Social needs within your business. The business benefits of such an approach include direct energy savings, an increased asset value of low carbon buildings, plus an improvement in staff well being, leading to positive staff engagement and retention thanks to an enhanced work place environment.

One company that has certainly embraced the advantages of sustainable design is New Balance. They recently had their headquarters in Birchwood refitted, and the space has since been recognised as one of the best workplaces in the north at the annual British Council for Offices (BCO) awards.What caught the eye of the Judges was the building’s creative and quirky interior design, which made use of reclaimed materials to reflect the company’s sustainability ethos.

Here at Amspec, our workshop team crafted 140 bespoke desks and pedestal covers for the project, all using reclaimed oak, which will not only look fantastic for years to come, but is also ecologically sound. New Balance are a perfect example of how creatively using reclaimed materials can actually elevate a work place to equally high, if not higher standards than using brand new materials throughout. We were delighted to be involved with such a creative project that has gone on to help highlight the importance of sustainable design, as well as showcase how on trend it can be.

Being so passionate about sustainability, our designers and the team at our onsite workshop are full of great ideas and inspiration when it comes to transforming environmentally friendly reclaimed materials into something brand new as part of a chic, contemporary fit-out.

As a design led and industry aware company, we know that more and more businesses are paying attention to their carbon footprints, and to evolving their work spaces into inspiring environments that engage their workforce, and we expect our new machine and the team in the workshop will be kept busy with many similar projects for a long time to come.

If you’re not sure how sustainable design ideas can translate into your project, please do get in touch for advice. We’re passionate about working with our clients, not just for them – to inspire and educate wherever you need us. Talk to a member of the team about how reclaimed materials and other sustainable ideas can help take your design and fit out project to the next level.


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