Could your office space benefit from a roof garden?


Roof gardens have long been an appealing design feature for residential properties. Now though, an increasing number of business owners and commercial landlords are incorporating them into office buildings and new build projects too.
As a design led and industry aware company, here at Amspec we know that use of outside space is an increasingly popular trend for a number of reasons that can be beneficial to all sorts of businesses.

Employee Satisfaction
More and more business owners are actively taking the happiness and well being of their staff into account when planning their work spaces. Providing an outdoor space is a fantastic way to do just that – a roof garden at work could encourage interested employees to pull together to take care of maintenance, thereby fostering communication, good relations and teamwork, and even those who aren’t green fingered can enjoy the space as somewhere to socialise on breaks and enjoy the fresh air.
Simply getting outside, away from their desks for a few minutes a day can be an amazing way for employees to recharge and reflect, making them happier and more productive at work.

Health Benefits
Outdoor space can also have a hugely positive effect on the health of your staff. Many businesses are introducing positive health initiatives such as free fruit in offices, cycle to work programs and so on – giving your staff the opportunity to have lunch in the fresh air rather than in a canteen or stooped over their desk is a perfect complement to such ideas.

Business owners are also becoming increasingly aware of the importance of sustainability in their workplace – from carefully considering the suppliers of their consumables, to improving energy efficiency to create a more eco-friendly office. Installing a garden is a fantastic way to promote the importance you put on sustainability and showcase your business values, by protecting and providing habitat for wildlife – especially in built up areas where natural habitats are likely to be scarce.

Stand out from the crowd
Of course the other aspect that makes roof gardens so appealing to business owners is simply that they are an aesthetically pleasing design feature which helps to brand their company as modern, contemporary and stylish.
From a landlord’s point of view, a building that comes complete with a thriving and attractive roof garden is likely to out shine one of a similar interior spec without any green space in the eyes of a potential tenant.

In short, if you have scope to incorporate a roof garden into your refurbishment or your new build, it’s absolutely worth considering. If you’re unsure as to how it could work for your property, please do get in touch – our design team are full of brilliant ideas and inspiration as to how you could maximise your building’s potential, whatever space and budget you have available.


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