Design Trend: Why Solid Surface materials are a buzzword in modern office design

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Solid surface materials are becoming increasingly popular in the design, refurbishment and fit-out of modern offices and industrial commercial premises. As well as being a solid, robust and practical worktop material used for high-end commercial applications, solid surface materials give office and commercial building interior designers almost endless opportunities to create bespoke and effective commercial refurbishments and office fit-outs that are not only highly functional and stylish but are also cost-effective.

There are a number of benefits of using solid surface materials such as Corian, LG Hi-Macs and Avonite in bespoke commercial fit-outs. Inconspicuous joints, colours created by advanced composites, being a non-porous material and being ultra-resistant, durable, hygienic and stylish, are just several advantages of using this increasingly ubiquitous type of surface fabrication.


One form of solid surface material is micro-cement, another surging design trend in offices and other commercial buildings. Much of the popularity of this modern type of construction material is owed to the fact it provides an extremely versatile and decorative finish. A thin layer is applied to virtually any existing feature in a commercial building, crafting an entirely different look.
Stylish, practical and hygienic

With an aesthetically-pleasing and versatile finish, micro-cement is seen as an efficient and effective design for workspaces and other commercial areas in which both style and hygiene are vital.

As well as being available in virtually any colour, micro-cement can be applied to almost any surface, both internally and externally. It can also be finished in in either matt or high gloss. If required, micro-cement can be made waterproof and used underwater.

What is particularly beneficial about this type of material is the fact that no joins are created and consequently micro-cement is resistant to mildew and is completely washable.

As this ultra-versatile design material can be used to improve the condition, look and durability of numerous existing features in a workspace such as worktops, tiles, walls, floors and in staff kitchens, bathrooms and canteens, it can be a cost-effective way to refurbish industrial buildings and carry out bespoke commercial fit-outs that are tailored towards an organisation’s specific office and commercial premises’ design and functionality objectives.

Creating the industrial-look with micro-cement

Whether it’s an old warehouse converted into modern offices in East London, or an industrial refurbishment in Manchester, more and more businesses are choosing to adopt an elegant, industrial-chic office interior.

Worktops covered in a micro-cement finish that are set against traditional brick walls, visible steel piping and a slate floor, craft a highly fashionable and functional ‘concrete’ and ‘industrial’ look.

Micro-cement case study: Amspec’s bespoke seating booths for United Utlities

Never failing to recognise the design and functionality qualities of new materials and design trends, Amspec have been quick to get on the micro-cement trail.

We completed a project using micro-cement for United Utilities, who commissioned us to detail and fabricate bespoke seating booths for their newly-refurbished Integrated Customer Contact Centre at Lingley Mere.

As the design brief was to create seating booths resonant of the large concrete sewer pipes that United Utilities frequently use, the Amspec design team applied micro-cement in a circular share around the seating to give the illusion of industrial concrete piping, with extremely effective results!

If you are thinking about incorporating solid surface materials into the design of your office or commercial premises, you may want to call upon the expertise of Amspec, industrial interior designers in Manchester. If you require an industrial refurbishment or a bespoke commercial fit-out in Liverpool or anywhere in the North West, get in touch to see how our team can deliver a bespoke and quality commercial refurbishment.


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