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Many clients we work with are looking to create unique, stylish interiors that not only look good, but increase productivity in their workplace too. They come to us because they know that at Amspec, while we are very much design led and industry aware, we also know that a design trend is only worth looking at if it’s functional too.

We’re well aware that the modern business world is constantly evolving and changing, and so too is the way that people work. Traditional office set ups with individual desks and work stations are becoming something of an antique – of course they still work perfectly well in certain situations, but more often than not, they need to be at least integrated with other ideas.

Open plan spaces have been big design news in cool office environments Liverpool businesses create for some time now, and as business models adapt to become more about idea sharing and working collaborations, so too has the business office to reflect this. Desks are being arranged to promote people brainstorming together, to allow teams within a larger office to pool their ideas, share communal resources more easily and so on.

Of course within those open plan office interiors Manchester business people love, some privacy may still be needed from time to time, You may have seen for yourself the cool office design Manchester firms are embracing, known as the Take Up soft seating system. It basically allows the designer to create a private booth within the main space, combining low benches and high backed sofa style seating to create a spacious and comfortable, yet private meeting area.

At Amspec, we’re always looking to improve upon already impressive design trends, to consistently produce the office design Liverpool companies want to stay ahead of their competitors, and the addition of monitors and screens to a stylish Take Up Soft Seating installation certainly ticks all the boxes. The technology can be fully integrated and easily adapts from being set up for a single user to collaborative groups. The design is so versatile and effective that it makes a fantastic solution in education environments as well as the office interior design Manchester business owners crave.

This extension to the existing Take Up soft seating system means that it can now function as much more than a comfortable meeting area, the integrated technology and monitors make it an ideal solution to the ever changing workplace, where business trends are increasingly meaning a move away from traditional desk set ups. And of course the fact it’s so stylish and customisable only makes it more appealing to incorporate into the cool office design Manchester businesses want. The sleek ergonomic shape is comfortable and eye catching; the choice of colours and fabrics is huge, meaning the seating can be tailored to your own bespoke design, fitting with your brand’s style and corporate image.

The Take Up Soft Seating installation is available to view at both our Northern and Southern showrooms, so please do get in touch if you’d like to check it out in person, and speak to one of our design team about how our knowledge of this and so many other current design trends can help transform your space.


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