How eco-friendly is your office?


Last year very much saw the rise of the ‘eco-office’ in businesses throughout the UK, and it’s a trend that looks set to only increase in popularity in 2015. The office refurbishment Manchester businesses want needs to not only look great and be functional, it needs to be sustainable and show the company’s awareness of being eco-friendly too.

As one of the interior design companies Manchester businesses turn to for their office fit out solutions, here at Amspec we know all about the benefits of embracing eco-friendly design. Research by The World Green Building Council showed ‘overwhelming evidence’ that an office’s design directly impacts on the health and productivity of the people who work there. In a nutshell, factors such as air quality, natural lighting and being able to see the outside world from the office, can all contribute to improving employee performance.

It’s not a new idea that happy staff tend to work harder and be more productive, but many businesses may not have considered the benefits of ‘embracing nature’ to encourage the concept. That’s where Amspec come in.

We deliver the solutions in office design Manchester businesses need, whilst also offering insight into design trends that they may not have even considered. We feel that our job is about much more than just providing the perfect bespoke office furniture Manchester professionals crave, it’s about creating a fully functioning space that promotes productivity in the workplace.

Obviously, relocating your office to the heart of the countryside so that your employees can enjoy views of rolling hills and plenty of fresh air is not very practical, but there are plenty of simpler ways to adopt ‘green living’ ideas into your business place, even in the heart of the city. Clever interior design tricks can help transform even the most industrial space into one that echoes the natural world. A neutral palette of earthy tones for example can make a space feel warmer, more inviting. Tactile soft furnishings and organic fabrics help to create work stations that are as comfortable as they are functional. Natural rather than manmade materials for furniture can help build on the idea. An indoor water feature can create a serene space, especially teamed with a little greenery to ‘bring the outdoors in’.

The eco-office concept is about more than just aesthetics though – by adopting ideas such as energy saving light bulbs, conserving energy, maximising natural light and using recycled materials, your green office can help save your business money as well as make it.

Whatever your budget, it’s absolutely possible to make your office space more eco-friendly and ultimately, more cost effective. If your bespoke design and build Manchester project is still at the planning stage, we’d be delighted to work with you on ideas to work eco-friendly principles into your space. We will help you to create a design that ticks all of your boxes as well as providing a sustainable, comfortable workspace for your employees to flourish in.

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