How to make your office more sustainable in 2016


With the increasing threat of global warming and a scarcity of natural materials, business owners in all industries are under growing pressure to ensure their company is more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Though the rising demand for green business practices and ethics is much deeper than merely helping businesses have a cleaner greener conscience.

According to research from the Natural Marketing Institute (NMI), if consumers know that a company is mindful of the impact it has on the environment and society they are 58% more likely to buy the company’s products and services.

Consequently more and more businesses are looking for ways to reap the many gains and rewards of being eco-friendly, and none more so than the design of their office.

If you are determined to jump on-board a greener bandwagon next year, take a look at the following ways you can make your office more sustainable in 2016 and how a sustainable approach to your office build and design project is likely to bring positive benefits to your business and its people.

Reduce toxic emissions

One direct way to help lessen the amount of nasty carbon emissions your business stands guilty of pumping into the air, is to encourage employees to travel to work by methods that are kinder to the environment.

One way to do this would be to have a bike shed installed on your business premises, alongside some shower cubicles and a changing area.
For example, testament to our drive to deliver sustainable office design UK businesses can benefit from, is our recent work on Liverpool’s Cotton Exchange in the city’s commercial district. The project involved adding a bike shed and shower block so that it naturally sat within the fabric of the Grade II listed building.

With a bike shed and shower block present in the building, its occupiers can benefit from the eco-friendly advantages and production-enhancing qualities cycling to work creates.


There is no substitute for daylight pouring into an office. Not only has it proven to increase employee productivity but without having to rely on artificial lighting in the office, businesses can reduce their energy bills and carbon footprint.

LED lighting

If letting swathes of daylight bask into the office isn’t an option, businesses looking to go greener in 2016 may want to consider LED lighting.

As we wrote in an earlier blog, due to its estimated energy efficiency of 80 – 90%, only a small amount of electrical energy is lost as heat through LED lighting, thus making it a much more energy efficient form of lighting. What’s more, these efficient types of bulbs have longer lifespans than traditional light bulbs meaning they do not have to be purchased and changed as frequently.

Building Energy Management Systems

In a quest to be greener, more and more companies are integrating energy management systems into office buildings. Such systems use innovative technology to monitor, automate and control systems within an office such as heating, ventilation, thermostats, air conditioning and lighting In order to, as Green Building Elements writes, “Increase building efficiency and improve comfort.”

Such innovative systems assist modern businesses becoming more energy efficient, consequently cutting down on power bills and being kinder to the environment.

Sustainable office furniture

Another fairly simple way your office could become greener in 2016 would be to replace existing office furniture with more sustainable alternatives.

Furniture that has been made from recycled and reclaimed materials relying on less use of virgin materials. Companies that use reclaimed office furniture are therefore opting to furnish their office with a low environmental footprint.

Reclaimed office furniture can also look chic and trendy and provide your office with a stylish injection without jeopardising the health of our planet.

By adopting a sustainable approach to office design, North West companies and businesses everywhere are likely to be seen in a much more positive light by both employees and colleagues.

If your office isn’t yet environmentally-friendly, 2016 might be a good time to make the design of your office a more sustainable one.
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