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Like any workspace, warehouses need to well-designed in order to nurture inspiration and productivity. Put simply, a well-designed warehouse can help your business run more efficiently and effectively. Creating an inspiring warehouse design that is tailored to your company’s specific requirements, requires careful planning. For bespoke industrial design Manchester, Liverpool and business beyond the North West can benefit from, take a look at the following advice on how to turn a lacklustre warehouse into one that inspires and ensures your industrial space works harder.


The layout of a warehouse is vitally important and the use of space needs to be utilised to the maximum in order to get the most out of the warehouse. In a warehouse with a good layout, goods can be received efficiently, picked up and put away with ease. Sufficient space should be allocated not only for the hordes of items that frequently come into the warehouse but for the various operations and assembly lines that take place.

In the planning stage of a new warehouse design in the North West or anywhere for that matter, think of generating space for merchandise, receipts, order loading, order picking and packing, order assembly and shipping.

You may want to think about segregating the warehouse into different zones or ‘bins’. The different areas should be ranked to help create a more efficiently-operated warehouse whereby employees know what merchandise goes where.

When planning the layout of a warehouse you should consider how to utilise every square inch of the space so that it increases labour productivity, reduces storage costs and ultimately helps inspire the workforce.
Lighting can be an invaluable way to turn a dreary warehouse into a more inspiring and productive place for workers. For example if your current warehouse is currently lit up with cold, fluorescent lighting, replacing it with more warm, natural-looking colours and LED lighting is likely to help boost staff morale, productivity and foster a more inspired workforce.

In a warehouse it is particularly important that the lighting doesn’t dazzle workers, as it can have serious health and safety implications. Consequently, it is imperative to position the lighting so that it provides ample light to illuminate workspaces but doesn’t dazzle employees, as a dazzled workforce is hardly conducive with an inspired one.


High quality UK industrial design companies always consider ways to make nature a feature of the workspace.

Research consistently shows that having windows that let swathes of daylight into a room is directly linked to a happier, more inspired and productive workforce. Whether you are planning to move into a new warehouse or are wanting to transform your current, dimly-lit, uninspiring warehouse that is void of windows and natural light into a much more inspiring place to work, installing windows would be an invaluable move.

Storage solutions

Due to rapid growth, large discount buying, seasonal peaks and even slow sales peaks, it is common for warehouses to quickly run out of space. As expansion is not always an option, creative storage ideas can be the solution.

Vertical cube

For top quality commercial interior design Liverpool and other north west companies can make the most of, you may want to think about installing the likes of vertical cubing into the warehouse. A vertical cube enables you to utilise the space above for maximum storage. It also allows for horizontal use which can be instrumental in warehouses struggling for space.


Having a mezzanine built into the warehouse can be a creative way to overcome storage and space challenges.

One of the best components of a mezzanine floor is that they create a substantial amount of space without having to undergo any major structural changes to the building.

Mezzanines can therefore be an effective way to create more storage in a cost-effective manner. A stylish, well-designed mezzanine can also inject some style and creativeness into a lacklustre warehouse.


In an office, uncomfortable, unstylish and dully-coloured furniture won’t do the look and ‘feel’ of office any favours, and the same principle can be applied to a warehouse.

Replacing out-dated, uncomfortable and uninspiring furniture with brighter, more contemporary, comfortable and stylish alternatives is a fairly simple and cost-effective way to transform your warehouse from being a dull and insipid place to work to an inspiring haven of creativity, productivity and a happy workforce.

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