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Having a quality, stylish and productive commercial building design, which is tailored for your organisation’s specific requirements and goals, is conducive with business success. With the right building design, companies and organisations of all industries and sizes are in a much better position to thrive and develop. You know what your ideal commercial space is but how can you realistically achieve it?

Take a look at some of the essential processes involved in the journey from design to construction and how you can make your ideal commercial space a reality.

A good design

Without a good design, a commercial building construction project stands little chance of being successful.

From the first point of contact to the final touches being made to the interior design, basing the whole project on a high quality design, will ensure the construction job is in a much better position to succeed.

Amspec offer an integrated design and build solution which maps out timescales and costs from the outset. Having one point of contact through the whole design to build process, helps to shorten project timescales, minimise risk to the client, solve any problems that may arise more efficiently, integrate warranties offered by the designer and builder with no split responsibility, and ultimately achieve better value.

Mapping out your objectives

Our design-led approach includes listening to our client’s goals in a series of initial meetings. During the design stage of the project, your key business needs and corporate objectives should be determined and made part of the design. For example, you might be a thriving digital agency which strives to create a vibrant and stylish office design with comfortable furniture, break-out rooms and a bright, vibrant colour scheme and interior design that is reflective of your brand’s personality. Such objectives should be highlighted at the design stage in order to be met during construction.

Workplace Consultancy 

Conducting a workplace consultancy during the plan proposal stage is an effective way to ensure working spaces are optimised for the goals, business challenges and subsequent growth of a company.

For example, Amspec’s complete design and build solution includes a workplace consultancy that comprises of observation sessions, staff workshops, interviews, questionnaires and storage audits. With such vital information presented, we are then in a position to interpret the data to produce a comprehensive design strategy centred on maximising efficiency with a building, reducing costs, adopting to new ways of working, and responding to business challenges.

Collaboration between designer and builder

A quality design and construction project involves collaboration between designers and builders. Ideally, these two entities should not be segregated, as if problems do arise during the construction process of the project, they are more readily solved as a collaborative response between the design team and the building team.

Comprehensive building solutions that combine advanced technology with established building techniques

Quality, design-led construction projects embrace cutting edge design with tried and tested construction techniques. Both the design and construction processes of the project will need to consider and implement different aspects that result in a perfect commercial building design and construction project. These different aspects of building design and construction may include one, two, several or all of the following, depending on what stage your project is at and what elements you are wanting to implement:

  • Energy supplies
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Ventilation and refrigeration
  • Natural and artificial lighting
  • Water plumbing and drainage
  • Communication and IT networks
  • Fire detection and suppression systems
  • Audio visual systems

Bespoke manufacturing

To ensure our clients’ dream commercial space is achieved, Amspec is committed to offering bespoke manufacturing. Maintaining a drive to deliver a high quality and bespoke finish, we have invested heavily in state-of-the-art Computer Aided CNC Machinery, which provides a precise quality finish every time.

To make your dream space a reality, the materials used in the construction project need to be of the highest quality. Consequently, Amspec only uses high quality timber that has been responsibly harvested under license from sustainable forests. In fact all of the materials we use are sourced from reputable suppliers.

For the whole project to be achieved on-time, to budget and to the highest possible standard, such building services need to be seamlessly integrated into the construction process. A quality commercial interior designer and construction specialist will tailor project specifications and circumstances to help ensure success.

The process between design and build involves many different procedures, some of which can be challenging. Employing a commercial building design and construction such as Amspec, which delivers a complete solution from design and build, can be one way to making your dream space a reality.

Whether you require new office furniture in the North West, or a commercial interior designer in Liverpool or anywhere in the UK, here at Amspec, we work with our clients every step of the way and listen to their objectives and goals from the outset. You may be in the planning stages or halfway through a project, whatever stage of commercial building design and construction you are at, Amspec can offer a complete design and build solution and help make your dream space a reality.

If you have an interior design project, a design and construction job, or merely a refurbishment plan in mind, get in touch with Amspec today to discuss all your commercial space goals.


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