Multi-purpose, Maximum Potential: Making the most of your space.


Here at Amspec, we know that premises are at the heart of a business’ success. Whether that means an office complex, retail shop, a cafe or something entirely different, your space needs to work for your business to thrive.

However, we also know that with rents and property prices remaining consistently high, it’s not always possible for a business to have as much space as they might like. Indeed many of our bespoke design and build Manchester clients are choosing to make their spaces multi-purpose, to maximise the potential of every square inch, and we love helping them to do so!

The evolution of interior spaces has been ongoing for some time now, and we believe it’s a good thing – not only in terms of getting the most value for your rent money, but also with regards to increasing productivity within your own business.

In modern offices for example, the function of each room within a complex is less rigidly defined than in years gone by. A well designed simple, yet functional room can be equipped to serve as anything from a meeting room to a training room as and when required. As an example, a smaller company which generally promotes from within its own team probably has no need for a dedicated interview room, but can easily create one on an ad-hoc basis in the chic, simple board room they usually use for presentations.

Open plan working areas have become a popular choice too as there are many advantages to open plan designs. Obviously, a lack of walls means more space for desks; storage and shared use of resources, but open plan offices can also lead to a greater sense of community within your staff and consequently encourage team work, sharing ideas and so on. Open plan offices can often feel more spacious and welcoming too, so they’re ideal if you need to be able to play host to your customers. Perhaps your bespoke interior design could encompass a ‘waiting room’ style area with comfortable seating and more personalised decor – which could double as an alternative staff room when not in use?

This new attitude to office interior design has seen many businesses move to new locations, or at least re-vamp their existing ones. Moving your operations to a whole new location can be stressful, of course, but when it’s done properly, it is certainly worth the effort! Whether you plan to indulge in a completely new bespoke design and build, or are simply planning an existing interior refurbishment, the impact on your business can be huge. We are proud to deliver the office relocation Liverpool businesses really want. We know that no two businesses are the same, and as such we treat each of our clients as unique projects, with their own requirements and specifications. We work closely with them to make sure the space we design doesn’t just look great, it works the way they want it to. From layouts through to the office furniture Liverpool companies need, our attention to detail makes sure your space always achieves its maximum potential.

We love to provide the interior refurbishment Manchester businesses are looking for. Whether it’s a classic, functional look or a cutting edge contemporary style, we plan interior design Manchester businesses love.

If you’re planning to revamp your business space this year, get in touch with us to talk about design solutions that are as functional as they are stylish. Let us help give your work space a sustainable, stylish makeover that will boost your business as well as your aesthetics!


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