Our New Spray Booth – Keeping Your Project On Trend, On Site


At Amspec, we’re always looking for new ways to make our business stand out from the crowd, and we’re passionate about investing in ourselves to ensure we’re always able to produce the best results and exceed our clients’ expectations

Owning our own manufacturing base and our own assets, as well as our own property housing our expert design team, means we’re able to deliver a fully integrated service for your project.

From an initial consultation about the suitability of your existing building through to bespoke design and build solutions, all the way to relocation management if required, we’ve got you covered. Our way of working allows direct collaboration between our design and build teams – which from your point of view, as our client, means exceptional results, improved timescales, cost effective solutions and a much smoother process for your project overall.

Our onsite workshop is already a huge part of what sets us apart from our competitors. It allows us to produce those truly innovative and bespoke designs we’ve become so well known for. We understand that you want your new build or your re-design to stand out from the rest, and we’re determined to help you make it happen.

That’s why we’re delighted to have added to our workshop’s capabilities with a brand new state of the art spray booth. We made the decision to invest in our own on site spraying facility as a way to further improve our production capabilities. It complements our existing in house joinery shop, and allows our craftsmen to take complete ownership of their work from start to finish, in turn saving our clients time and money.

Plus of course, with cutting edge design that looks as good as it functions at the heart of everything we do, the new spray booth allows us even more freedom to produce the unique style each of our clients want for their project. Obviously there’s a whole rainbow of colour to choose from, but we’re also able to produce exciting finishes, special effects and patterns, even control the level of gloss finish, ultimately resulting in a finished piece made exactly to our client’s specifications.

The addition of our new spray paint technology means that more than ever we can take responsibility of your design, build and installation from start to finish, controlling quality and ensuring price and deadlines are always on target.

We’re looking forward to utilising our newest addition in more bespoke design solutions this year. As ever, we thrive on the challenges our clients set us, and pride ourselves on offering our full service capabilities to businesses and developers from any and all industries.

We don’t believe in pigeon holing our services – great design is universal, regardless of industry, so whether you’re a developer looking at refurbishing stylish office suites for recruitment agencies, or a local authority representative looking for inspiration for a new play area in an educational setting, please do get in touch to find out how Amspec can deliver results that will make your project a huge success.


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