Why is Booth Seating such Big News?


At Amspec, our clients are as varied as the design and build solutions we deliver. Our portfolio includes projects in both commercial and corporate sectors, from office suites to education settings and plenty in between. With such a diverse range of clients to cater to, we have a broad knowledge of what's 'in vougue' in each given area. That said, there are some interiors trends which make such an impact on the design industry that they become a popular choice across the board. One such trend, is booth seating.

Booth seating is very big news right now, for a number of reasons. Firstly, it has massive aesthetic appeal. It looks stylish, modern and welcoming.When a business owner has the opportunity to design and build their offices from scratch, they will obviously aim to create the most contemporary and attractive result their budget allows with a view to impressing prospective clients and providing a positive work environment for their employees. Booth seating can help accomplish a modern, chic look that ticks all of those boxes and is also flexible in terms of cost.

Similarly, booth seating is becoming an increasingly popular addition to office refurbishment projects. Landlords of office suites and buildings see it as an investment – it helps them offer the high end commercial interior design that Manchester and Liverpool businesses find so appealing. Installing such a desirable feature into their space makes it instantly more attractive, it's an easy way of gaining an edge on the competition when it comes to inspiring companies to sign a new lease. High profile complexes, such as Media City in Manchester, are perfect examples of how stylish booth seating can be used to enhance and elevate a space. Booth seating is essentially a design feature in itself, and can be as attractive a selling point as high ceilings and plenty of natural light.

Booth seating is much more than a pretty face though, it’s also incredibly functional and beneficial in a number of scenarios. As the ‘de-constructed’ office continues to gain momentum, more and more businesses are moving away from the traditional office set up – rows of desks, cubicles, and formal work stations are becoming old fashioned and outdated. Business owners are more focused on their employees comfort at work, knowing that happy, comfortable staff members are more productive and efficient. Booth seating can help to create informal, comfortable, yet still very functional work areas which inspire collaboration among colleagues and essentially, contribute to a happier, more effective workplace.

Many clients come to us aware of the benefits of collaborative work spaces, but unsure as to how they could work in their own space. Since we design and build such solutions on site in our workshop, we’re well equipped to advise and inspire. Being as we are effectively two companies in one, at Amspec we can also design and build bespoke booth seating to your own specifications - we’re currently working with United Utilities to do just that.

Of course the many benefits of communal areas designed to promote collaborations, creative thinking and brainstorming are not just useful in office settings. When Manchester authorities are planning new school and college buildings, the perks of installing booth seating are equally appealing. Collaborative, shared work spaces are as useful as they are stylish and pleasing to students and teaching staff alike. These informal, comfortable spaces lend themselves to meetings, research sessions and study, as well as being the perfect place for socialising too.

In short, if you’re planning a bespoke design and build Manchester project of any sort, booth seating is definitely worth considering. By working it into your final design, you’ll add style, functionality and a valuable asset to your space. Talk to us today about how booth seating can work in and benefit your space.


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