Why workplace consultancy is a crucial element of office refurb and fit-out


A comprehensive workspace consultancy is an important element of commercial refurbishments, fit-outs and office design. Taking the time to conduct a meticulous and solid consultancy of a workspace will ensure a commercial building fit-out and office interior design company is adequately prepared to carry out an office design project to the specific and individual requirements of the organisation.

Amspec, specialists in office refurbishment in the North West, explores what a workplace consultancy involves and why it is a crucial element of office design, refurb and fit-outs.

A workspace consultancy with a business involves the design and build company gathering as much information as possible that will help them craft a clear picture of the work involved, the design required, overall objectives, company progression, timeframes and budgets.

Such information is gathered through various consultancy activities, including the design and fit out company conducting observation sessions, staff workshops, interviews, questionnaires and storage audits.

With such information on-board, it can then be used to put a design and build plan into action. For example, here at Amspec, we pool the information collected through our meticulous workspace consultancy to create an occupation and space plan proposal. With a highly-detailed plan proposal in our possession, we are then in a position to begin the commercial fit-out or refurbishment project.

When should a workspace consultancy be carried out?

Ideally the consultancy should be conducted in the initial stages of a bespoke design project to ‘map out’ the aims and requirements prior to any work being done. However, a workspace consultancy can be carried out whichever stage a business is at in an office fit-out design project. For example, if a business is halfway through an office refurb and requires the project to be conducted in a more diligent and professional fashion, a quality workspace consultancy would be an invaluable way to gain a core understanding of the business’s office refurbishment goals and objectives.

The benefits of a workspace consultancy

Asides ensuring the whole office refurbishment or fit-out project is carried out as effectively as possible, a detailed workspace consultancy helps to maximise efficiency within a building. It can also make the project more cost-effective as it can reduce the costs associated with the design and building services.

Another benefit of workspace consultancy is that it enables new and innovative ways of working to be uncovered and incorporated into the makeup of the design project.

Perhaps most importantly, conducting a comprehensive workspace consultancy as part of an office refurbishment or fit-out project enables the delivery of building spaces that are capable of responding to challenges and the evolving needs of businesses.

Agile property solutions

During a time when both private and public sector office strategies are becoming more diverse and agile, and with a greater focus on building sustainable workspaces, conducting a workspace consultancy can be an effective part in assisting a business to align their working premises with core business strategies and producing agile property solutions.

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