Andrew Maxwell


Of course, our customers are our total preoccupation, without them we have no real purpose. We work hard at design, project delivery and customer service. But I hope we are never complacent. The construction industry is an unforgiving place for those companies that take their eye off the ball. Our senior management team keep each other focused and motivated. A few years ago, we were awarded Investors in People, this has become the focus of our people strategy.

Over ten percent of our workforce are apprentices, it’s so important we have faith in our young colleagues as there going to look after us in the future! Our recent investments in a larger manufacturing and production space together with the arrival of new machinery is really exciting.
We are starting to realise the benefit of our new facilities. In many respects this is only the beginning in unlocking this potential. It’s not always about cost but our in-house manufacturing can only help keep quotes keen.

Co-Working, Place-making is here to stay. Larger companies and corporate organisation have been first to adopt these new environments, but small companies will soon follow. People retention can only be enhanced by providing such fantastic surroundings to spend your working day. In a few years traditional offices will be consigned to the history books…in my opinion!

This business is maturing into a company which is leaving a positive impact on our community. Our actions can and do have a substantial impact on people’s lives both inside and outside our working environment. We are getting into a position where we can make a difference.

I’m incredibly proud and excited to be the founder of this fabulous company.