We are a hard working design led construction company... but more than that Amspec are made up of people who really care about creating an exceptional experience for our customers. We operate in a very tough industry where failure is exposed via snag-lists and financial penalties. So why do we do it...

Design: You want wow we can give you wow! ...most companies require practicality with a bit of wow ...we can do that too!

We thrive on the challenges of todays modern construction industry.  Our Designers begin the process seeking to understand your business and its needs. Our experience construction team converting the design from an 3D image into reality. A truely awesome skill not everyone is able to achieve.

We strive to be the best in the business ...we will let you decide...

"It is truly rare to find someone who gets inside your head, interprets your dreams and brings them to life... that is exactly what you have accomplished for us."

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