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Whatever stage your project is at, Amspec can help. Use our process diagram below to find out how we work and how your project will be successfully realised.

1. Preparation 1.preperation Diagram-chunk-01-over


We begin by listening to you, gaining an understanding of your business, its goals and aspirations.

Lots of note taking....and we may ask to speak to other members of your team.

We gain an understanding of your key priorities.

We take a thorough brief and ask for your confirmation that we have encapsulated your business goals.

If possible it is always worth discussing budgetary constraints.

Timescale of the design, lead-in period and Construction phase are defined.

Sustainability goals now and for the future are defined, commitment to a sustainable project and outcome may be agreed.

2. Concept 2.concept 2.-concept-hover


A detailed site survey is completed to ensure our starting point is correct. As buildings become more technically complex we spent a lot time analysing building services and their impact on the design concept.

It maybe appropriate to carry out a detailed Workplace Study to fully understand the intricate nature of your business and any changes you may wish to implement. Agile working may be considered as the way forward, taking advantage of the ebb and flow of your work patterns.

We use a variety of tools to extract opinion about the direction of the design. Simple mood boards and images of past and similar projects work well with extracting opinion.

Initial concept designs are prepared using all of the gathered information, we present back to the client in a variety of formats. `frequently an enlightening and enjoyable meeting !

3. Design Development 3.-design-development-hover

Design Development

Our experience Design team develops a full set of plans and details using the very latest design software

3D CGI visuals are frequently used to give our customers a realistic understanding of the look and feel of the design proposal

Early consultation with Planning and Building Control are essential to ensure there are no surprises later on....when time is critical

The Designers work with our experienced Estimators to prepare detailed costs.

In most cases we revise design and cost proposals following client feedback.

Times scales and programme constraints are always of major consideration. We prepare and present our delivery proposals and make sure we integrate with your wishes at every stage.

4. Technical Design 4.-technical-design 4.-technical-design-hover

Technical Design

The detail involved with modern fitout and refurbishment projects demands that we are highly organised in our approach to every project.

We define the lines of communications to make sure that a transparent approach is adopted throughout.

Details are defined and no issue should be left to chance. It important to us that we understand every aspect of the project at this stage.

Consultants are fully 'up to speed' and adding value to the design and build process.

Our procurement team prepare for the project identifying long lead-time items ensuring we are able to fulfill our obligations

The right personnel are made available and we are poised to commence your project.

5. Construction 5.-construction 5.-construction-hover


Our strength as a company is our highly trained directly employed workforce.

Whether your project is a Corporate Fit Out, CAT A refurbishment or New Build we are equipped to resource the project with our own workforce. We support our people through a work based training programme to ensure they can achieve their personnel targets which in most cases pays dividend for our common business goals. 

Good quality site based supervision is provide by our  SMSTS qualified site foreman and site managers.  

Our experienced office base staff ensure that materials and sub-contract resources are available to suit the agreed programme.

Tight delivery timescales are the norm for most projects. Our construction teams follow a Quality Assured project delivery sequence to take the project through to handover within the agreed timescales. 

Quality is an easy word to say, but more difficult to achieve consistently. We have a good reputation for delivering a quality finish product, this is hard earned however we are not complacent and look for continued improvement with all of our construction team.

6. Use & Aftercare 6.-use-&-aftercare 6.-use-&-aftercare-hover

Use & Aftercare

The final push to get your project over the line......we dont just disappear when its all over.

Once we are complete and the project is handed over we will still be with you making sure that the transition from Construction Phase to Occupation is planned and organised.

Our Handover Team will work with your people to resolve any 'teething' problems as quickly as possible and focus on getting your working environment back to a level of normality as quickly as possible. We adopt a low profile helpful presence.

Operation and Maintenance regimes are put in place with our continued involvement if you so wish.

Procurement channels  for additional items of plant and equipment are agreed ensuring you are able to add and grow using the same products and services.

We are frequently involved with our customers and the growth of their business long after completion of the main project.

Industry standards

Amspec aims, were possible, to follow best practice, being accountable and aware of the latest changes/developments within the industry. One example being The Royal Institute of Architects (RIBA) ‘Plan of Work’, first Published in 1963. Now half-a-century on an updated model is due for release. This aims to address several current key issues such as Sustainable design & flexibility in procurement.

RIBA Construction document for Plan of Work 2013

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The Construction Industry Council - CIC Scope of Services Handbook 2007

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