Amspec invest in Procore

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Perspective: Amspec invest in Procore

Amspec invest in Procore

Amspec are excited to share that we have recently invested in Procore – a software to enhance and streamline our project management efforts.

Procore allows us to run our projects with complete visibility by housing every app, document, and person in Procore’s cloud-based platform.

Procore will allow us to collaborate across teams and projects. We can connect office staff, site staff subcontractors and customers to ensure everyone has access to real-time project details. The benefits of this are:

  • Everyone is connected and on the same page, drawings are updated in real-time.
  • Allows everyone to see the status of projects at any time which in turn allows us to identify any potential blockages and increase efficiency on your projects.
  • Keeps information accurate as it’s updated instantly.
  • Information logs give the whole story of the project.
  • Project overview gives a complete picture of outstanding items.
  • Allows us to communicate key information to our entire project instantly with mobile notifications.