Amspec welcomes college student Chloe

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Perspective: Amspec welcomes college student Chloe

Amspec welcomes college student Chloe

Amspec have recently welcomed college student, Chloe, to the Design Team. Chloe is visiting us every Wednesday to shadow our talented design team. We asked Chloe how her experience at Amspec has been so far...

Chloe, tell us a bit about yourself:

I’m currently in my first year of College at the Deanery Sixth Form in Wigan. I’m studying Art, Geography and Sport after passing my GCSE’s with A’s and A*s. Alongside my current studies, us Year 12 students are offered a variety of compulsory co-curricular options to assist us for our Post-18 education/work. These are opportunities to help us gain an insight to the desired career path we should want to take after A-Levels. 

How did you come to secure your placement with Amspec?

Despite the variety of options, I independently opted for work experience. However, this also meant I had to find my own placement. After emailing and phoning several other companies, I was thrilled to learn that Amspec were the ones who had responded. They understand how vital gaining experience is, and how beneficial this opportunity would be for me. 

And what were you looking to get from your placement?

I’m looking to gain as much experience as I can in the time that I’m at Amspec. Every week I come into the office, I always learn something new. Whether that’s people’s names, or being shown how to turn ideas from a design brief into real-life models: there is always something that I don’t know, but end up knowing by the end of the day. 

How is your experience with Amspec so far?

I couldn’t be happier with my experience so far at Amspec. I was undeniably nervous when starting my placement, as I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, however, there was no reason for me to be. I have felt really welcomed since the start, and I always look forward to coming back into the office. 

I’m amazed at how well the ‘stresses’ of the jobs are handled, and yet, there is still time made for me to ensure I have a good understanding of what I’m being shown. I’m very grateful for the efforts that are put towards me and that my experience is always cared for. 

What sort of projects have you been working on?

Prior to starting any project, I was taught the relevant skills needed that would help me to begin designing, like how to use the software ‘SketchUp’, being shown the workshop, materials room, and quickly learnt how important communication between the designers and client(s) is. 

I was introduced to a project that was already worked on to keep me from feeling over-faced. From this, I was shown existing images of the building and went on to create a mood board and design brief, which included different ideas and styles.

I was taught how to build up the model on SketchUp, and shown shortcuts to help finish the layout effectively. I was introduced to different programs which would allow me to insert furniture, however I would end up picking the brains of Abbie and Kirsty when I would click on something that wasn’t meant to be clicked on. 

I was invited to help Kirsty with a live project to help choose colours for sofas and chairs, which felt really daunting, but I was reassured that I would be fine. I was shown existing colour choices to help me, but I got the chance to get involved in something I never would have thought I’d do for a long time.

What will you take away from your time at Amspec?

There is never a wrong answer!! It’s often drilled into us students through education that there is only ever one answer to get marks, but it’s the complete opposite in this industry!

No building is ever the same and that forces you to think differently - elevating your creativity and challenging your ability to adapt your designs to suit, which is the best part!

I went from not knowing anything about design software, to confidently being able to use it like it’s second nature, and I have Abbie and Kirsty to thank for that!!