Sustainable design, construction and fitout are at the heart of our commercial offering to our clients.  

What is sustainablity? In simple terms sustainability in the context of Design and Construction is the capacity to provide a durable and sustainable environment without compromising or depleting the earths resources. A sustainable approach demand the reconciliation of Environmental , Economic and Social demands present within your business.

What has sustainability got to do with my business. A sustainable approach to your project we believe will produce positive benefits to your business and its people.

Clear positive outcomes from a Sustainable approach can include.

  • Direct Energy Savings 
  • Improved staff wellbeing
  • Positive Staff Engagement and retention
  • Enhances staff work/life balance. 
  • Reinforces the Companies Environmental Message
  • Reinforce ISO14001 credentials
  • Increased asset value of Low Carbon Buildings
  • Components of a Sustainable Development

    Components of a Sustainable Development


    Components of a Sustainable Development


    There are three main components of a sustainable development.

    1. Environmental

    2. Economic

    3. Social

  • ISO



    We all have a responsibility to minimise the environmental impact of our day to day activities. At Amspec we take a market-led approach to the protection of our environment. Our ISO 14001 Environmental Accreditation demonstrates our approach to this all important subject.

  • SKA



    This is a tool to promote the principles of sustainable development within the context of a Commercial building and its aims to improve the environmental outcome related to a commercial refurbishment or fitout.


    Ska rating is based upon Good Practice Measures with structure guidance on measures that can be taken to meet or improve the performance of the fitout out in progress and long after completion. Our underlying principles and those of the Ska rating method are clearly defined:
    1. Project Driven
    2. Flexible
    3. Drives environmental improvement
    4. Easy to use
    5. Inexpensive to achieve basic rating
    6. Client Led
    7. Adaptable to any commercial building

    Benefits of SKA rating

    Sustainable fitouts result in more comfortable, cleaner and more cost effective working environments. Improving the sustainability of working environments through the SKA assessment will:

    • Provide a set of standards that can be used to demonstrate environmentally conscious property occupation
    • Improve wellbeing in working environments
    • Reduce the cost of the fitout through innovate sustainable solutions
    • Reduce the ongoing operational costs related to the occupation of the refurbished space by reducing energy and water usage
    • Improve an organisations reputation as being environmentally aware.

    How it works

    To obtain a SKA rating certificate, good practice measures are scored dependant on their feasibility and impact on the environment, using a scale of 1‐104.The final scores are then accredited to Bronze, Silver or Gold.

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